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When we publish books or reading content online or do digital publishing, we have to consider certain things like making a design which gives the user the latest trending news at a quick glance, making digital books available, etc. So attracting readers, catering to different reading styles (filters, featured images vs headlines), making a large database of articles (continuously increasing) easily accessible within the app or website without a huge perceivable lag is the major requirement of the publishing industry today. It is required to increase the reach to a larger user base compared to just print media circulation.

Social sharing features increase the virality reach of the publication & reduce the time to market.

What we do at NewGenApps

Newgenapps designs and develops beautiful and appropriate environment for digital publications that are mobile friendly and consider both the user experience and business goals. We bring digital solutions to meet a wide breadth of needs, empowering brands of all sizes to grow their digital influence and audience. We also offer cloud solutions to our customers.

You can rely on our proven practices for Digital Publishing

  • Lead generation
  • Blogging and content
  • SEO and SMO
  • Defining the optimal UI/UX for maximum customer retention
  • Consulting on mobile platforms to be targeted based on analytics and target market study
  • Creating an interface for interaction between the CMS and mobile apps
  • Developing the mobile app
  • Cloud based and AWS solutions
  • Responsive design publications and websites
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