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HTML5 App Development | HTML5 Mobile <a target="_blank" href="https://www.newgenapps.com/blogs/category/application-development/">Application Development</a> | iPhone



At Newgenapps, we are always on the lookout for the latest technology developments and build our competencies in these emerging trends. We did this with iOS and Android and continued the trend with HTML 5. As more people move towards mobile phones and tablets, we have seen a sudden surge in the demand for a cost-effective and cross-platform mobile app development solution. HTML 5 has emerged to be the most efficient user interface technology for this purpose. With smartphone giants like Google and Apple putting in efforts into promoting HTML 5 for mobile app development, the technology is set to change the way apps are built.   HTML 5 apps (or web apps) are fast becoming the platform of choice for most app publishers as they try to reach as many smartphones as possible, without having to spend a lot on building apps for each platform.   Apart from web apps, HTML 5 has also been a much sought-after replacement platform for Adobe Flash, more so since Adobeended development of Flash for mobile devices. In the past, the only way to create a media-rich interactive website was through the use of Adobe Flash. But when top-selling smartphones and tablets like Apple’s iPhone and iPad did not support Adobe Flash, HTML 5 was the solution of choice for web developers.  

Our offerings

  Newgenapps provides HTML 5 development services for

  • Web apps
  • Hybrid apps (HTML 5 apps with native capabilities)
  • Media-rich and Interactive websites
  • Cloud solutions

  With our domain expertise and strong understanding of consumer and enterprise solutions, our consultants can help evaluate your requirements and suggest the most optimal solution. Whether you are looking for a cross-platform HTML 5 app or an interactive HTML 5 website, our technology experts and experienced developers can help you through the entire process – across verticals and enterprises of all sizes.  

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