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Healthcare industries worldwide are relying on online presence and web based solutions to diversify their services. Mobile solution helps healthcare professionals access patients’ medical lettering and review, update diagnosis details of patients, consult drug formulations, and sync related data with the hospital’s respective departments, without wired connections. Such mobile solutions mobilizes the logistics, patient detail management, health record management, billing records, physician records and provides integration with BI and CRM systems hence enabling the hospital staff to capture and access information while on the move without delaying any decision and action pending.

What do we do at NewGenApps ?

Newgenapps offers a diverse range of custom design services that fit your hospital and healthcare system’s confined needs. We are certified Amazon Web Services provider, which help healthcare providers around the world deliver improved care to their patients. The services help reduce time to run existing workloads and provide access to powerful analytical capabilities and features.

    Our skillset in manufacturing industry

    1. Enhance operational efficiencies
    2. Personalized healthcare anywhere in the world.
    3. Secure data sharing
    4. Real time execution monitoring system in Hospital
    5. Patient detail management system
    6. Cloud solutions
    7. Health data management

      Our Project Highlights

      We build and develop for working, living and communication. We take on projects with the intention of finding smart, new solutions to problems, large and small.

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