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WWDC 2015 came loaded with many killing announcements with the new Apple watch native SDK stealing the show. Yes, now its so easy to create experiences designed specifically for Apple Watch—Apple’s most personal device ever. 

Apple watch has already been so popular. Apple scored an estimated 1 Million Pre-Orders On the Launch Day of 10th April 2015. An estimated 36m smartwatches are predicted to be sold by the end of 2015, as more consumers allow smart technology to grace their wrists. The total number of Apple Watch apps available reached 6,352 yesterday, as reported by a iOS mobile app intelligence platform. Apple Watch launched with around 3,000 apps, making for a growth rate of 108% in total apps since launch.

Now, the launch of native sdk will be an upholder . Developers can begin developing WatchKit apps. They can create innovative WatchKit apps, actionable notifications and Glances, for timely information accessible by an easy, quick look at Apple Watch etc.

With More apple watch models, more applications and native SDK, 2015 is definitely set to be the year of the Apple watch.

If you’ve had a hard luck getting noticed on the app stores for your iPhone or iPad apps reason being a tough competition from the millions of other similar apps,this is a great avenue to get noticed. Be one among thousands, instead of one among millions.

Giving a thought to get an Apple Watch app? Have your Native App developed now!

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