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Zomato Vs Swiggy – Who Will Win The Hunger Games?

Zomato Vs Swiggy - Who Will Win The Hunger Games?

Swiggy is India’s largest [4] [5] [6] online food ordering and delivery platform, launched in 2014. It is one of the two largest online food delivery companies, the other being its arch-rival Zomato [7], which expanded into general product delivery in early 2019 under the name Swiggy Stores. The company currently operates in over 500 cities with an active delivery fleet of over 200,000 restaurants.

When Zomato Market was launched two months ago Swiggy replaced it with Instamart, an instant delivery service that handles groceries and other household items through a network of dark stores. If customers want their food delivered immediately, Swiggy is the best option for them.

Swiggy is the winner of the Food Delivery App War in terms of the number of orders accompanied by Zomato. In addition, the company has also won with its social media advertising and the company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to TV adverts. However, Swaggy is still a marginal market leader as Zomatos is a pure game in the grocery delivery business and its earnings have not yet been reported for fiscal year 2019 / 2020.

In the first half of 2018, both the popular food delivery apps Zomato and Swiggy made it into the financial news : the former raised $200 million from Ant Financial in February and the latter raised $210 million in June from four investors. According to data from Venture Intelligence, Swigmy and Zomata have raised more than three times as much money as food delivery companies have received in the past four years. With the recent $1.25 billion acquisition by SoftBank of UberEats for $206 million in March, Amazon’s push into the grocery delivery sector and Zomatos “recent IPO, India is heating up the online grocery delivery market, attracting a lot of global attention and heavy investment.

Amazon is reportedly ready to compete with Swiggy and Zomato in the grocery delivery business with an initial war chest of 500 million dollars (the equivalent of 3,500 rupees), suggesting a mouth-watering confrontation in the online rivalry with Flipkart.

Zomato and Swiggy are food tech unicorns vying for market leadership. While the latter has competition from other standalone food apps such as Faasos Foodpanda and Box8, the real hunger game lies between the two. Both SwigGY and Zomato are brimming with capital and have passed the $1 billion mark, and the battle ahead is no longer about market share, but about expanding into adjacent sectors.

According to an ET report [1], online ordering platform Swiggy is in advanced discussions for a $700-800 million (USD) financing round led by Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), a sovereign wealth fund which also includes Singapore’s GIC Falcon Edge, a global alternative asset manager. Zomato is raising $1.25 billion from SoftBank and others to advance non-food deliveries, and Swift’s latest round of financing, which comes just days before Zomato’s IPO, has pegged its valuation at $5.5 billion. The company is testing direct orders in Mumbai on 15 Jul 2020 at 10.29am. The move comes amid allegations that restaurants and food delivery platforms, including rival Zomatos, charge exorbitant commissions.

The Bengaluru-based company is founder Sriharsha Majety, CEO Nandan Reddy and Rahul Jaimini looking for more money than Swiggy. Swift’s latest financing adds to the pressure on Zomato to raise more money, Satish Meena, an analyst at Forrester Research in New Delhi, said by telephone. Investors backing Zomata will not let SwigGY win the battle for capital, Meena said.

Speaking of the current scenario, I would say that Zomato is the clear winner for those looking for the best food deals. If you want to order at a small restaurant near your home or office, Swiggy is a good choice. If people crave their favorite food, they should look no further than Swaggy or Zomata.

Zomato has decided to strengthen its focus on B2B services for restaurants while Swiggy will invest its energy in a new non-food category: Instamart. India’s online grocery supply market is now a duopoly, but Swaggy and Zomato will continue to operate as independent aggregators. The food tech companies, which include companies like Ola’s Foodpanda and Uber Eats, are marginal players.

In August 2020, Swiggy launched her grocery delivery platform called Instamart. Zomato, a Gurgaon-based food delivery start-up earns its main revenues from advertising, food delivery, online ordering (Zomato Gold) and its subscription offering. During the pandemic, when local supply chains and restaurants were closed, the company had to cut out discounts and payments to its delivery partners.

In September 2020, Zomato declared that its food ordering business had recovered 85% of the gross merchandise value compared to pre-pandemic levels. In order to surprise you with the insights we have gained from our consumer panel, Swiggy Zomatos cites the order volume according to COVID.

Swiggy has developed an easy-to-use Swiggy on-demand food ordering and delivery app that lets you choose from a variety of nearby restaurants and have your food delivered with a tap in 30-40 minutes. With UberEats, users can track their orders at every step of the process, so consumers can monitor their orders and be sure they are delivered to their home.If you ride an Uber and are hungry, you can order your food to any destination. Customers, on the other hand, are not satisfied with food delivery on Zomato because they do not have to think of other platforms when reviewing menus and reviews.

The Restaurant App is a simple and smart online food ordering app that acts as a bridge between our partner and rival Swiggy Order. T enables us to manage the take-away business with an easy-to-use furnishing and delivery platform designed to bring food from neighborhood restaurants, additional items to the menu and incremental restaurant and ayi orders.The Batch 2021 will be distributed to candidates applying for a restaurant under the international SWIGGY GO code.

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