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WWDC 2013 tickets sold out in 3 minutes!

Apple broke their own record from WWDC 2012! WWDC 2013 tickets sold out in 3 minutes!
The portal did not let us login for the first 2 minutes "We'll be back later" and on the third minute when we finally did get in, it said the tickets were sold out!
Its disappointing, we have been going to the WWDC for the past 2 years but wouldn't be able to make it this time. We used to stay tuned for their announcements and send a fax to Apple for getting the tickets (yeah, they don't have an online store in India).
Last year, fortunately, they introduced phone lines for people from distant geographies to book tickets. We stayed put and got the tickets. The bad thing was it was too early in the morning in Silicon Valley and this resulted in a lot of SV companies missing out on the tickets.
This time Apple changed their strategy and announced in advance when the tickets would go on sale. But they missed one point, with this strategy, it would have been very difficult for anyone outside the US to get these tickets booked!
And looks like that is what happened! Devs like us missed out on the 2-minute window of opportunity to get the tickets booked.
This is absolute madness! At least with ticket announcements being at the same time as they went on sale did give us a chance to get our tickets! Come on Apple, you need to care more about your developers!

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