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WordPress Smart plugins - impact and usage

First thing first – choose quality over quantity. Same goes with WordPress plugins, if you want to make sure that your site is loading at a faster pace and improve the experience of your visitor, then you don’t need thousands of plugins to buy you require quality plugins that can support your website. The performance of any website is divided into three parts – PluginsThemes, and Hosting.

Plugins are the one that allows the owner to have specific control over the performance of the site. The best things about plugins are that you can easily swap them with each other and install, uninstall them as well. However, there are more than 55,000 Plugins available in WordPress. Yes, there are a few plugins that can help you in a much more way than you can expect. It is essential to get these smart WordPress plugins installed on your WordPress site to make sure that you can reach the top.

Here are the top smart plugins of WordPress for 2018 that to give your site a modernized look.


For an eCommerce website, WooCommerce is the most helpful plugin that is powered in every third e-commerce website. If you are planning to launch an online store or already have one then make sure to get WooCommerce at priority before getting anything else. Through this plugin, e-commerce sites can easily sell off a wide range of digital and physical products to their valuable customers.

Not only this, the WooCommerce plugin also have a huge extension library that has a different range of prices for the users. The topmost things are, there is more than 60% of users that depend on online shopping that made WooCommerce more essential for the website.

The key features of this plugin include easy setup, integration with other plugins and extension, developer-friendly structure and multiple payment options. This plugin is recommended to the developers and owners of the websites that aim to sell services and products via their sites.

W3 Total Cache

There is no doubt that a slow website has an adverse effect on the incoming stream of traffic and sales of a product or services. On top of that, if a site is slow then the customer will not return to your site that will gradually decrease more of your total sale. To overcome this, all you need is a reliable plugin such as W3 Total Cache that helps you with caching task.

This plugin will save different pages of your sites on the computer of your visitor. When few of the pages are already saved on the computer then they will load at a faster rate on every consequent visit. This is like your own nuclear weapon that can fight off against slow websites. In this digital smartphone era, this plugin can be your site’s website.

The key features of this plugin are, first, it helps in caching most of the elements of the website and secondly, it is extremely compatible with the hosting solutions range and servers. This plugin is highly recommended for the owners that want to speed up their website loading time.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Podcasting holds a lot of impact on the digital era. For a user-friendly podcasting solution, you can use Seriously Simple Podcasting that helps an operator to broadcast several shows from a single site. On top of that, the plugin is extremely simple and easy to use that makes it the top choice for WordPress developers. It has a short configuration process to follow and a well-streamlined interface that helps in setting it up quickly. Then you can get down and focus on recording your podcast.

The key feature of this plugins includes that you can install multiple plugins for a podcast with their unique RSS feeds. In addition to this, it will support video and audio podcasting. Also, it is easy to gather the details of the podcast with the help of free stats add-on for statistics. This plugin also allows you to have widgets and short codes for displaying episodes with a complete list on the site. Series and podcast taxonomies can also come handy to manage episodes.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the best plugin for Search Engine Optimization – SEO. It is designed specifically for the search-optimized content and high-quality matter. The thing is that SEO will keep on changing and hence it is essential to work on the plugins that can help you to move forward.

This plugin helps in operating the traffic of the site and shows how the content can be uploaded with search engine fares. Additionally, you can easily access the post readability to make your readers happy not just SEO. Well, it is a freemium plugin that allows you to use it for free and then purchase it for $69.

Yoast SEO has a number of features including the analysis of WordPress posts and pages so that you can track the SEO and decides its accuracy. In addition to this, you can also build up an XML Sitemaps and update the page results for the analysis to make changes in SEO. You can also develop compatible Theme for your WordPress site from the breadcrumbs.


If you are aiming to grow in this business world than you need to understand that keeping your audience happy must be your topmost priority. In order to achieve it, all you need to do is install live chat plugin that will allow you to be in touch with your potential customers. This will redirect you to the right path since your audience can get in touch with you for any query or help.

On top of that, multiple agents can easily work at the time covering up multiple visitors at once. Simply, create accounts for your agents so that they can chat with the visitors in a chat window providing instance assistance to the customer. This tool is highly useful with the analytics and built-in report services.

There is also an option which will integrate the Google Analytics version to measure the total influence of the Live Chat that will be essential to your business. It is a free plugin that can be installed to your site easily. Also, you can easily integrate the web apps with this Live Chat supports.

Use these plugins in your WordPress websites to make them stand out and get more audience. Need help with your WordPress website? Get in touch.

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