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Windows RT-powered Surface tablet, officially launched for sale

Microsoft officially started sales of its innovative Windows RT-powered Surface tablet. Windows RT is a tablet-focused operating system especially designed to run on mobile devices powered by ARM-based chips. This has been developed for tablets and similar mobile devices but not for Smartphones. The "RT" in Windows RT is an acronym for runtime.

The typing surface may ultimately be the major differentiators for Microsoft's new Surface tablet. According to the analysts, the success of the Windows RT-powered Surface tablet may depend a lot on the well-designed Touch or Type optional keyboard. The well-designed Touch or Type optional keyboard cover gives the Surface a feeling of laptop. The keyboards are one of the main components allowing the Surface to be known more as a laptop than as a tablet.

Microsoft adopted a unique way of promotion of Windows RT-powered Surface tablet for the people walking through Times Square. The company took over the majority of billboards around the area and also setup some demo stations. Besides, billboard the company also showed advertisement on television to create awareness. The unique promotion of Windows RT-powered Surface tablet made the people curious and they stopped to see what’s going on. Microsoft gave the first 50 people waiting in line a handsome Surface jacket as well. There were mixed reactions on the Windows RT-powered Surface tablet.

The ‘Surface’ tablet will run on Microsoft’s latest OS -the Windows 8. Windows RT-powered Surface tablet will have two versions:

  • Surface RT, powered by an ARM chip running on Windows RT
  • Intel-based version called Surface Pro. 

Description of Windows RT-powered Surface tablet both versions based on:

Screen Sizes

Both RT and Pro will have HD display capabilities Gorilla Glass with the RT sporting a 10.6-inch ClearType HD display (1280 x 720) and the Pro a 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD (1920 x 1080) display with a 16:9 widescreen. With major players like Apple, Samsung dealing in 10-inch category, the Surface comes in as a refreshed choice for clients who wish to go for something more than iOS and Android.


The Surface will also feature both front and back cameras. The front-facing camera is termed by Microsoft as Life Cam. With Microsoft-owned Skype, video chats will add to the viewing experience of Surface. The rear camera is capable of video capture and taking images.

Touch Keyboards:

The Surface has multiple Touch Covers to choose from. There are about five different Touch Covers to choose from. Touch Covers support an intuitive touch interface which gives an excellent tactile typing experience. The Touch Cover can be connected to the Surface tablet with a magnetic click, enabling easy texting and mailing.

Built-in Kickstand

Surface comes with a built-in kickstand. The Surface can achieve portrait or landscape modes with the integrated kickstand. Watching movies or going through photos will be a different experience as the tablet needs only to be propped up by the kickstand.


Memory management may not be a problem in case of Surface tablet. Microsoft has given Surface many storage options from 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Microsoft has given memory expansion options including microSD card slot in case there is shortage of memory space. Now, one can add space to the Surface with a memory stick, keeping extra data on an external medium.


The price of Surface tablet may lie between USD 300 to USD 800 bracket claims that the device will start selling at USD 199.

Now that, Microsoft Windows RT-powered Surface tablets are available in the market. Let’s see whether it uplifts the sale of the much coveted Microsoft or not!

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