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Why switch from Java to Kotlin for Android app development

The world has been digitalized in today’s Era and Languages have a great role in this. There are different kinds of languages like C, C++, Java, Python and much for App development. By using these languages, one can perform the task much easier and faster. In this article, we are going to discuss the Kotlin Programming language which has more powerful features as compared to Java language. If anybody already knows Java, learning Kotlin is very easy for them. Kotlin is a new programming language and it includes client, web, server, and Android development

If we are already using Java, Kotlin Programming language can be used easily because of its virtual availability. Kotlin is a programming language that is used in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Kotlin programming languages are used in Android app development.

Why switch from Java to Kotlin

Today, Kotlin programming language is the first choice of developers to develop Android applications. Developers are moving from Java to Kotlin programming language due to its features. However, Kotlin can be used anywhere, where java is already working. Below are some reasons why anyone should go from Java to Kotlin.

Based on Java

Kotlin is a very powerful Programming Language which is based on the Java platform and environment. Now this language has been used in many projects where Java is already in use. Thus this language is easy to understand by developers on all projects and can run easily on this language seamlessly.

Code Conciseness

If we will compare Java code with Kotlin Code, we will find less coding in Kotlin programming language to develop any program. Mostly, developers need to define several fields to store the data, setter and getter functions for the fields and much more coding, But in Kotlin Programming language, the developer needs to include Data keyword only in class in a single line which reduces the coding and saves time and effort.

Familiar Program

The basic structure and syntax are very easy and familiar with Kotlin Programming language because this is a Java-Based language. Thus developers who are already familiar with Java can easily develop apps by using Kotlin as they can easily understand and correct the errors.

Null Safety

When we use variables in Java, by default everything is muted until and unless it is marked as final. But in Kotlin Language we have an option for this. We can define variables as immutable as val or immutable as var during Kotlin Coding.

Auto Casts

One of the strong reasons to move from Java to Kotlin is Auto Casts. Kotlin Programming languages do not need any checks or tests to track the same thing as Compiler in Kotlin Programming used to track the automatic casts. It improves efficiency and reduces the timing in any development. This is the reason why Kotlin is easily applicable in projects where Java is already in use.

String Insertion

String in any programming language is used on the types of every programming language.

 The same string used in Java can be used in Kotlin Programming language also, that makes it much easier and familiar for any changes in coding.

Expression and Property

In Kotlin we can get many properties by using only a set in Kotlin Programming language. This language has very simple properties to get input and output. Thus, it is very easy to insert input and modify them and it makes Kotlin an effective Language.

Arguments and Equals

As we have known in this language that Kotlin is very familiar and Simple Languages, There is no need for Extra or special knowledge for the symbols used in this language. Thus this language is very easy to learn and apply in any project.


There are many more features of Kotlin language other than the above-mentioned points. Kotlin uses non-null types and null type statements. The declaration, Ranges, and Functions are also the same as in other languages. Since we can use Kotlin language with other languages, it helps to get better results. It is a very useful language by using old programming languages. Developers can develop more effective android apps by using this language.

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