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Why Python will thrive in 2020

Python is a programming language which is getting famous day by day by reduction of complication, and also the freedom it gives to work in different sectors of programming. It is considered as one of the best languages to build a project connected to AI and Machine Learning. There are a number of websites which are developed using the python programming language. The strength of python is it’s Frameworks. They are instrumental in giving quick services which are prepared arrangements for application development thus reducing the lines of code. The three Frameworks of python are as follows:

1. Django

It is nothing but a high level python web Framework that endorses quick development and clean, practical designs. It handles the hassle of Web development, so that one can concentrate on writing their app without the requirement of reinventing the wheel. Django is free and open source. A Web Framework makes it  easier for the one to develop their application. Basically, it is something which prevents one from re-writing this each time when you create a website. It makes use of the principles of MVC architecture and it’s chief aim is to alleviate the development of complex, database driven websites. Some of the key features of Django are as follows:
- Database schema migration
- URL routing
- Authentication support, and much more

2. TurboGears

A full stack Framework, developed for smoothening and fastening  the process of web app development is known to be TurboGears. This framework is reliant on Ruby on Rails and was developed using MVC pattern. It assists Developers to reconstruct business sense via platforms thus lowering the lines of the code. The year ahead will surely witness the improvement in it’s firmness and capacity components. There can be a micro framework which will be introduced , that will assist developers in building software rapidly and hence will be time saving, money saving and also time saving.

3. Pyramid

It is contemplated as the 'start small, finish big, stay finish) by the task force supporting it. This app is used for creating basic web apps rapidly and light weight and flexible in Nature. Fundamental of simplicity is what it is based on, and hence is loved by developers who are capable enough. This year 2020 may observe an increase in utilization of this framework, mainly by experienced developers after all it has a minimal framework and offers a lot of freedom.
Python is frequently considered as the best programming language for startups because;
- Python allows rapid MVP Development. This software Foundation officially declares that quick development is one of the main principles they follow. It is an ideal tool for developing rapid and functional prototypes. 
- It comprises a huge community and better documentation. This documentation covers all the basics, and if you have strain with executing features. 
- It’s easy to search python engineers. It is fairly popular nearly in every country of the world. 
- Python is popular for its code-efficiency, clear syntax, and simplicity. It is the best programming language for scaling.
Here are some of the features of Python

1. Smooth integration/combination

Not like other programming languages out there, python is quite easy-going when it comes to combination. You can easily combine with other languages such as C, C++, java and many more.

2. Supports TDD

Python is very famous for it’s test-driven development. It is easy for developers to develop prototypes which can later be converted into fully-functioning applications by just refactoring the code and can test it then and there. 

3. Broad range of standard libraries

The easy accessibility of standard and vigorous libraries is what allures development and startups towards python. 

4. Perfect for Machine Learning and Big Data

Machine Learning and Big Data come blessed with ample of locked potential, something we are knocking into leisurely. Among other types of applications written in python, you can also create apps integrated with these technologies which comprises a broad range of AI technologies, also it has many vigorous libraries which supports the development. 
Due to these features of python, nowadays these modern-day software technologies find themselves deficient without python. The future of python is optimistic. In web development, software development and also the system administration areas, python is in great demand. It has surpassed the list of programming languages which basically makes it the most liked among other languages. No doubt, other languages have the ability to compete with it as it is developing at an enormous rate. Also in the future i.e. for the coming decade and more, python is going nowhere. The rise of python will carry on in 2020 and also it will fill the aperture with Java and C. It has dropped the obstacles to enter into programming, and has an amazing community and is loved by the data scientist and also new generation developers.  This year i.e. 2020, has witnessed python been embraced by various organizations, which belong to different segments and sizes.  
In this year, python is going to create more and more specialized languages. Without python , software Technologies are insufficient. It has an empathy to effortlessly work with today’s modern-day technologies such as AI, data science, machine learning, Big Data, etc. And hence, many ingenious developers will look forward to work with it in future, thus making their work much easier and convenient. When it comes to automation, python is a prominent assistance. And this is going to be surely a high spot for the next coming year as it will allure more developers to stick to Python. 
Over the years, python has managed to reach at the top, that is high above the others thus making it the rapid growing language. No other language has the capability to compete with python, as it is developing at an enormous rate, thus making it everyone's favorite language among others. It is also great for data manipulation and  replication. It’s future scope is dazzling because it helps in the investigation of a huge amount of data via its high-performance equipment and libraries. Many big technology companies make use of python for their innumerable applications and have a complete loyal portal to python.
Some of the reasons why it has become popular and has a promising future are as follows-
- Python comprises a rich and encouraging community. It includes ample amount of documentation, tutorials, guides and much more to help the programmer.
- It is easy to code and write, i.e. it has simple code which is easy to read compared to that of other programming languages. Also the code is super easy which can be elucidated even by the beginner.
- It is an open-source programming language i.e. it is available for public. Also it allows you to modify it. 
- It occurs with a hefty standard library; which contains expressions, unit-testing, web browsers, databases, threading, etc.
Python is undoubtedly thrashing other programming languages; and has become the most voted one for the most loved programming languages today and also remain in the future. It is almost a crucial constituent in the software cycle. In the future of IT industries, python programmers will have much more demand, and this will make python shine bright like a star.

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