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Why is Mobile Marketing Extremely Important for Modern Companies?

Why is Mobile Marketing Extremely Important for Modern Companies?

Marketing, as we know, is one of the cardinal pillars of a successful company. Running an innovative business in the internet age requires more than just having a good idea and a few bucks to run sponsored marketing. Understanding market trends and facts and how they impact your company will be the defining factor in running a successful business in the 21st-century competitive arena. Identifying these trends and facts will also hel[p streamline the process of allocating resources to build brands better and increase sales and visibility.

Currently, the world's population sits at 7.8 billion people, and in this number, 4.88 billion people actively use the internet for various purposes. Interestingly, a total of 4.32 billion people are connected to the internet via a mobile device, with about 4.55 billion active social media users connected to the internet via mobile devices. 

Why is Mobile Marketing Extremely Important for Modern Companies?
Source: DigitalPortal

That is to say, over 70% of internet activities originate from mobile devices. You may be wondering about the essence of all these facts. It is pretty simple: mobile marketing is the fastest way to reach any desired target audiences and potential customers. The pertinent question is: what does mobile marketing entail, and why is it considered pivotal to modern-day companies?

Meaning of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is simply a multi-medium online-based marketing technique that utilizes smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to run customized adverts to a targeted Market. Mobile Marketing employs websites, SMS, MMS, in-app displays, and social media to reach the targeted audience.

Why is Mobile Marketing Crucial to Modern Companies?

Thanks to the digitalization of modern life, most consumers now find it quite addictive to be online. According to FOX13, the average smartphone owner checks their mobile devices 96 times per day. That is 35,040 times per year! Interesting, isn't it? On average, about 80% of smartphone users check their phone within 1 hour of waking or going to sleep.

Between January and the close of March, mobile devices accounted for 54.8% of global web traffic. At the same time, over 70% of all retail website visits were generated from smartphones. What does this mean for companies seeking to grow their brands and engage more customers? 

The focus has shifted to mobile devices, so companies and marketers must develop novel marketing gameplans and ad campaigns to meet consumers at their comfort. while mobile marketing will continue to remain the most assured way of reaching any audience. Below are some of the benefits of mobile marketing to modern-day companies:

1. Personalization

Mobile devices' data-gathering capabilities allow for hyper-targeted, hyper-personalized messaging. Delivering personalized  SMS ads at the precise time of day when most likely to be opened and engaged with is a huge improvement over the indiscriminate, 'hit-and-hope' techniques that characterize traditional marketing.

2. Mobile Marketing aids location-based targeting

One of the most significant advantages of mobile marketing is the leverage to target potential clients or users of your product based on their location. That's a huge advantage for any company. In practice, that entails sending out more relevant adverts based on the user's location. Geo-fencing or hyperlocal targeting is another amazing option. 

When a device enters a certain location, geo-fencing or hyperlocal targeting sends out notifications, alerts, coupons, or other offerings. You essentially create a virtual barrier around your company's location. Alternatively, you may go around your competitors' location (geo-conquesting).

3. Mobile marketing keeps people intrigued

Mobile marketing provides one-of-a-kind options for companies to communicate with customers and advertise with inventiveness. Consumers are captivated by mobile marketing through apps that they prioritize as part of their normal routine. Your customers are actively engaging with your business, which means they have chosen to do so.

A successful marketing campaign is achieved when potential buyers pick their chosen brand without the feeling of being influenced. Target customers get to do just that with mobile marketing, making it an essential marketing tool that no company can afford to ignore.

4. The smartphone is the preferred mode of communication

People are looking at their phones more than ever before. According to APP ANNIE, an average consumer spends not less than 4.2 hours daily on their smartphones. Companies can now increase customer engagement 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the first time. So, whether it's for shopping, service, product information, or complaints, you need to be ready to deal with them whenever they need you. And if you get this right, you'll be able to give your customers the experience they desire.

5. Marketing on mobile is Adaptable

Mobile phones have been regarded as particularly addictive.  Few individuals can leave their houses without it because it is so efficient and easy to use. And that means you can send an ad to anyone on the globe from anywhere in the world. You don't need to spend time in the office – or even have one – to place an ad. You may do it while sitting on an aeroplane travelling for a business meeting or from the comfort of your couch at home.

6. User Response Monitoring

Tracking user responses becomes more efficient with mobile marketing. You can quickly check customer feedback or ascertain how many people have seen your campaign commercial to determine its success. You can even track how many visitors frequented a particular page on your website or app and how long they were there.

7. SMS marketing has evolved.

SMS marketing is a great tool to get your ad campaign directly into customers' hands without the clutter of email inboxes or the bustle of other media. Text messages not only have a 90% average open rate against a 22% average email open rate, but they can also literally stop people in their tracks. As per Nielsen Mobile surveys, 98% of individuals will read an SMS message within three minutes of getting a notification.  So, if you haven't yet tapped into the magic of SMS, now is the time.

8. The way consumers consume information is changing as a result of mobile

With people consuming more information on their phones than ever before, brands are rushing to figure out how to leverage smartphones to implement the art of storytelling to engage with customers. And this entails experimenting with adaptable, mobile content formats and engagements, such as games, rather than just making the content look good on a compact screen.

9. Budget-friendly

Mobile marketing is substantially less expensive than traditional marketing methods. According to LOCALiQ, ad clicks from smartphones are 22% less expensive than ad clicks from desktop computers.

Many traditional marketing strategies are more expensive when compared to enhancing your website for mobile usability or sending text messages.

And this is quite a significant advantage, especially for Startup companies with limited marketing budgets. Mobile marketing is the way to go if you want to reach many more people for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.


With the increase of mobile on-screen time, it becomes imperative for companies and marketers to jettison traditional marketing techniques for mobile marketing techniques, both as a means of gathering real-time data towards understanding consumer needs and as an efficient tool for achieving more market penetration. While mobile marketing is the in-thing in curating more engagement, knowing where and how to get engaging content for your mobile marketing ad campaign is a huge plus. Here are some websites that offer the best online writing services and essay writing services: You can look them up if you're looking for reviews to help you navigate the waters of outsourcing content creation to find professional writers to meet the demands of your niche.

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