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Why enterprises shy away from AI in mobile apps

In this world of digital landscape, there are a lot of changes that we have experienced in the last decade. One of them is the immense establishment in the sector of artificial intelligence. Now, companies are coming up with the ways to integrate artificial intelligence in a smartphone application. The best example of such an experiment is Pokémon Go that is making a buzz in the gaming industry for the last 2 years. AI has proved its worth in a lot more way that the business world can predict.

There are many points that make them vary too much to implement AI technology in their mobile application. Yes, it is true that AI has made mobile industry personalized, efficient, and automatized and competence. But still, it has not managed to overcome some uncomfortableness that many companies absorb due to this. They feel that in this technology challenging world, AI can be a downfall for their industry. There is a number of reason for business owners to feel it. Few of them are listed below.

Lack of thoughtfulness

Artificial intelligence is a term that is used to define the innovation of the technical world without any of the intelligence like a human. Usually, companies focus on a single problem by using several technologies and then integrate it to come up with a solution. However, AI technology can become fuzzy when a number of technologies are incorporated together with it.

The main focus of AI technology is to focus on more dynamic approach allowing customers to be more familiar with the advancement of levels. This is the main reason that makes companies wary of the idea of implementing AI. Even survey results prove that AI is not advanced in terms of understanding.

Cost of implementation

AI is used widely only due to its automated tasks and perform with more efficiency. However, the total cost that is invested in the project of AI made companies think twice before investing a single penny. The cost is one of the major drawbacks of AI that has set many business owners to establish a space between their projects and AI. They understand that AI is all about efforts and requires a lot of energy and time to implement different modules of AI in a single application.

The process of integrating the mobile application with AI is relatively costly and companies have to maintain flexible budgets to establish AI applications. On top of that, enterprises have to come up with a number of ways to make sure that applications are often updated in order to stay abreast with customer requirements, policies and trends. This makes it budget even heavier.


AI-driven mobile applications have their risks in addition to resources and benefits that are considered while making a decision. The intellectual reasoning is taken into consideration that will include AI facts and all the equipment that takes up a lot of risk towards applications. The main reason for this is the lack of human involvement. AI mobile applications depend on the AI algorithm instead of humans. Today applications track and monitor previous data to come up with results that might not even be accurate.

Lack of shortcuts

There are many global companies that have to implement AI successfully such as Amazon, Google, Baidu and Apple. Since they have already achieved a lot in Aim, there is no issue for them to grow further in the field with the implementation of infrastructure. However, for a new business, lack of shortcuts is the major issues. Deployment of AI model requires a lot of efforts which make many companies think twice.

Companies require analytic and digital element in order to implement AI successfully. Hence, owners take two steps back especially, small business owner. This whole implementation process requires training and establishment of data ecosystem and also business case identification. In simple words, they have to adopt a completely new workflow system and even culture of organization and investment in a lot of hardware equipment.

Ease of implementation

Artificial intelligence might have grown a lot but the major drawback is that it has a number of challenges to face. The new demands and expectations that customers have given a path to new issues that arise. This is the reason for companies to have a serious breakdown due to the problems that can come up in algorithms.

AI applications depend on several actions and procedures that can be a daunting task for assistants and operators that monitor the software. On top of that code recovery and maintenance of system requires a great number of resources, patience and loss of productivity that can set up a huge drawback to it.

Content & Data

Another of the major challenge faced by companies is lack of data. A customer's demands for relevant, fresh and exciting data to engage with a service or product. Companies follow the path of recommendations to engage with customers. They follow a certain algorithm to collect relevant data and then monitor the changes to come up with unique content to attract their respective customers. The companies are dependent on history – purchase and search –and also on track records. However, these algorithms can fail out that makes it difficult to get the best possible results.

Despite all of the above reason, there is a number of reasons that are making customers go for AI-driven mobile applications. Some of them are:

  • Customers are dependent on a smartphone that gives AI a big scope to grow. Users are depending on technology to get information regarding brand and offers. That gives companies a reason to depend on AI.
  • It gives companies a platform to predict, monitor and track user behavior, brand name, trends and even customers attention.
  • AI can help in diminishing the abandonment rate with the help of improved, relevance, and personalized user experience.

If we depend on this, then it is not wrong to say that AI-driven mobile applications are given an opportunity and chance for business to grow in a new direction.

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