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Why Android first makes more sense in the growing app economy

At the beginning of mobile application market, iOS application was commanding the market and Apple was a sole restrictive player, that was running the commercial center with its very particular terms and policies.

Later on, with the evolution of Android by Google, the scenario has totally swiped in the mobile app world! The quick growth of the Android platform becomes reasonable on account of specific reasons and appeals it has generated in the smartphone application market.

Today Android applications have definitely outperformed the numbers that Apple apps center have.

Why Android first

Android first bodes well in case your potential targets are solidly centered around Android, particularly in developing countries or certain portions of urban towns. It additionally makes to be an appropriate priority when you're taking advantage of or tweaking a component of Android's OS that is not available on iOS, if you may need to choose the hardware itself that the application needs to operate on, or when you need full power over all the software and hardware components.

  • A huge number of people lean toward Android than iOS
  • Android is prevailing in worldwide app markets, even incorporating Africa, Asia, and Latin America
  • Android audience will probably work in the technical profession.

Let's look at 7 reasons for Android being the first preference for many developers in the growing app market.

1. Huge market share

This holds to be the number one consideration why app developers prefer to build apps for Android first. In case you are developing an application for the general public, it makes financial sense to focus on the platform that would offer you the highest access to target users.

There are both high-end and low-end Android mobile devices. The vast majority of people can purchase as per their preference and budget. But the apps will have the same application on any make and model.

Since a ton of smartphone manufacturers utilize the Android system and iOS is just employed by Apple Company, upgrades for Android device hardware are available every now and again and you can simply purchase a superior, financially savvy new mobile phone as well.

Android possesses the most widespread models and users, so it is simple for you to exchange utilizing data, experiences or something with your kin who likewise utilize a similar framework. All such features increase the market share of Android devices and ultimately for Android apps.

Hence, for app designers looking to boost their possibilities of success, be it for a mobile game app or any other niche app, focusing on Android platform first can determine the difference between uncertainty and success.

2. Android Studio

Android Studio is an incredible IDE. As the name recommends, Android Studio is an IDE developed and designed particularly for building Android applications.

At the point when Android was released the first time, Android apps were developed with the help of the Android Developer Tools plugin and the Eclipse. In any case, that evolved with the arrival of Android Studio.

It is blazingly quick and proficient, and you can organize another Android venture for various kinds of Android applications in just a few seconds.

A few of its main features are -

  • Live-format WYSIWYG Editor along with real-time application design rendering
  • An alternative to preview a design on various screen sizes while modifying
  • Gradle-based framework
  • Develop variations and numerous apk file formation
  • Supports creating Android TV, Wear, and Auto applications
  • Empowers application incorporation with Google Cloud Platform
  • Build up tools which are used to access performance, usability, variant compatibility, and different issues.

3. Productivity

Android applications have been observed to be as productive (much more beneficial in a few occasions) as iPhone applications, both for in-app purchases and for introductory app purchases. Likewise, with numerous applications utilizing a free promotions plan - as long as the advertisements are being presented to application users, the application offers revenue.

Furthermore, ad costs are frequently lower on Android platforms, which implies that apps can broadcast to a bigger number of users on Android as compared to the users on iOS for a similar cost.

4. Higher flexibility

Since Android is open source, there's higher flexibility to remodel your app for developing the functions and features that your crowd needs.

The Android SDK architecture is open-source this means you can really communicate with the community for the forthcoming extensions of the Android mobile app development. This makes the Android OS very engaging for both mobile manufacturers and wireless operators. All this leads to a high-speed development of Android-based apps, and excellent possibilities for developers to have more income.

Also, being an open source, it lets developers apply their creative ideas into actuality and develop interactive and innovative apps. It provides a wide collection of customization options.

Most Android applications have powerful compatibility - the app that can be utilized in a full 3.7-inch screen can likewise be utilized in a full 5.1-inch screen.

It is additionally exceptionally easy to update your Android version. In case that you don't like the present system upgrade you can likewise go and download another better version.

Android-based apps are very customizable and simpler to deal with. Google is extremely concentrated on allowing for the customizable user interface to support developers in building custom Android apps for companies. Moreover, the multimedia tools and data control functions can be efficiently updated to the app.

Additionally, you can utilize any operating systems to code your app in the Android platform. Whereas on iOS, you constantly and only need to utilize the Mac operating system.

5. Easy to adapt for developers

Developers generally learn to develop in Java, and it's comfortable for them to conform to this programming language for developing a mobile application. Android is developed chiefly in Java; thus, its flexibility becomes easier and faster.

Android likewise supports other programming languages as well as tools, furnishing app developers more advantages and methods to develop their apps.

6. First in class features

GPS, Maps functionality, simple navigation, and much more are a couple of the most essential elements for the on-demand applications which are the need of an hour.

On-demand applications can encourage clients to know the actual time location with the assistance of inbuilt Google Maps.

Furthermore, applications like Gmail can improve the correspondence among the customers and organizations.

Hence, Android Operating System is on the edge with regards to such kinds of features.

7. Data storage

Android has an obvious upper hand with respect to cloud storage facility. With 15GB storage limit in terms of the cross-platform and free support system, Google Drive is the best channel to save important information.

Additionally, Android's cloud storage is less demanding to access and more powerful. The on-demand application manages the user's data and organizations can get help for their needs through Google Drive integration in an application.

Whether it is from the viewpoint of market extent, the current number of people utilizing the Android over the iOS that is undoubtedly gigantic. Or from the technical point of view, it is considered smarter to build apps on Android OS, in light of the fact that less expertise is required on Android. Further, on iOS, despite everything you yet have to purchase some consistent Software, which implies more cost will be added in iOS app development.

The little amount of paid software on Android mobiles advance the number of downloads too. Hence, you should see the extent of the Android market, features, and cost-effectiveness - all these factors which drive us to the conclusion that Android first makes sense in the ever-growing app market.

These are the essential explanations for why the first preference is given to Android OS by app developers for building rich on-demand feature-rich applications. Entrepreneurs can have different other personal reasons as well to pick Android platform to develop a reliable Android app.

However, comparatively speaking, iOS software is more for the professionals. So, in case you want to build the professional level app, you can consider using iOS. Otherwise adapting to the Android first for app development is like - a magical wand for the developers!

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