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What makes your app attractive to investors

Successful mobile apps

Employing a mobile application engineer, testing cycles, and launching a mobile app is over the top expensive. Thus, numerous mobile application designers, particularly new companies, think that it's hard to find the required investors.

One noteworthy motive behind why a few people can't transform their incredible ideas into reality in the application business is the absence of funds. Accordingly, numerous ideas that would have been transformed into applications to better our lives never progressed toward becoming reality.

So, you better do your homework before walking into the room to talk with the investor. The investors won't be sold on a smart idea alone. They are putting the same amount into your plan as you are in your effort to deliver it.

Below are some approaches to follow for making your app attractive and worthy for investors.

Get your idea on paper

You might get just 15-20 minutes to pitch your thought and show what you have. Everything relies upon how you figure out putting forward your app idea profoundly and persuade investors.

Writing your idea is the basic initial phase in setting up your idea in front of the investors.

It’s a vital step to mapping out your thought and guaranteeing that you’ve considered every contingency a long time before the introduction.

The exact opposite thing you need is for an investor to show a market factor you disregarded that tell you are ill-equipped. When composing your business strategy, make certain to incorporate your specific value propositions, management team, target audience, promoting technique, and budget plan.

Having an elegantly written business plan will enable you to be set up to answer a considerable lot of the underlying inquiries investors will ask, and above all, this is an extraordinary chance to demonstrate investors that you have a firm comprehension of the business and give careful consideration to the intricacies.

Give an interactive app demo

When you find the opportunity to really pitch investors for your app idea, having a demo goes far from your plans. Since you're in the initial period of your endeavor, this sort of demo will be really useful.

Eventually, every investor demands to get as much information as feasible about the app and the deal.

In mobile app development, the expression “minimum viable product” for the most part alludes to the stripped-down adaptation of an app which plays out its center function. But making an MVP likewise demands coding and testing. So, to create client input and fund-raise, you have to represent clients how an application can enhance their lives.

Easy to use design model

In spite of the fact that the more significant part the world is down to utilizing mobiles and different applications, you can in any case not consider that all of them are savvy. There are still many individuals who see utilizing certain features of mobile applications significantly monotonous to use. It is the reason why having an app design that gives the usability is fundamental.

Notions about mobile application design and its development are changing each day, as are its services and features. Each application varies from another application with regards to accessing navigation or data.  So, there will dependably be some individuals who are not as skilled as others may be.

Henceforth, it’s a decent way to keep the design model of application easy to use and basic.

A good app icon

The application icon is something that makes the early introduction on the minds of the investors. The icon is the principal part of your application that watchers will figure about.

Design an app icon such that it looks flawless and captivating. The mobile application developer has adequate command over how they might want their application icon to look like. There is a technical framework that supports them in making an icon that gets a bunch of eyes on it.

The fundamental reason behind making an alluring application icon is to pull the highest attention from the investors and motivate them to invest them in your project.

Inquire with yourself

It’s a legitimate argument that selling your mobile application affects its prosperity, however, does your mobile app have the capacity to draw in prompt attention? Your application must emerge and look appealing to clients. When the application has aesthetic intrigue, both investors and users will come swarming in to attempt your application.

So, to begin with, each UI/UX designer must make these urgent inquiries to themselves to guarantee their application design reflects charm and creativity.

  • Does the design of the application look aesthetically pleasing?
  • How is the consistency of design components?
  • Does UI feel intuitive on testing?
  • Does the app offer fluid navigation?
  • Does the app give a smooth transition?
  • Does the app load and open quick?
  • How amazing was the user experience?
  • Does it work legitimately over each device version?
  • Is your application exceedingly recommendable for a more extensive group of users?

Strengthen your team

The result oriented and talented team members can without much difficulty persuade an application investor to put resources into them. In case that you have a group of specialists backing your application concept, the odds of you getting the financing you require is high.

A strong team that has all the necessary aptitudes and realizes how to appropriately execute the app idea in an expert and capable way can undoubtedly win the heart of an application investor. They will feel that they are working with individuals who comprehend what they are doing.

So, let the application investor realize that your team is experienced and whatever they are doing isn't merely experimentation.

Put effort into building a brand

Having a genuine domain name, something like a logo and a placeholder landing page goes far to demonstrate that you are not kidding about your application.

Will that by itself get you the cash you're trailing? No.

Will it enable you to appear to be increasingly authentic? Certainly.

Putting this additional exertion will set a mind among an investor - "this person is considering app sincerely." It will likewise help with making business cards and other advertising security in the long run.

Competitive scene

Obviously, there is a little chance that a similar sort of mobile application concept exists or is almost there as of now released though with a few contrasts. You need to demonstrate the 'X-factor' that others do not have or anything that identifies with your startup. Intuitive application exhibit is required to awe the potential investors.

Market it!

The application market is completely different from most different businesses in the industry — so, when you're prepared to dispatch your app, you as of now have a distributor prepared to demonstrate your application to targeted users.

In case you're in a laundry business, you have to pay for land where you'll put your business. In case you're trading oats, you require to pay for storage space to get into stores.

With applications, it's an unusual way. When you've launched, you have your land and your storage space at the App Store automatically.

It truly wrecks the manner in which individuals consider applications. Many accept that as the application is presently live and visible to everyone on the App Store, you can simply sit and gather cash.


Having an application implies getting a business. And if nobody recognizes it, nobody will utilize it. Thus, to gain users, you require a marketing plan.

Have a financial plan for "cost-per-install" advertisements that will enable you to pay just for those users who are installing your application on their mobiles. Additionally, utilize general PR techniques and connect with media to inspire them to write about your app and your business.

Also, by concentrating on your opponent and how they advertise their product, you'll have the capacity to gauge your costs and likely users. Further, have those numbers prepared when an investor make inquiries.

Since even the application investor will need to know who your user base is and in case that they acquire what you are offering. Nobody will need to put resources into an application that will not have any users or customers. Some portion of what investors will search for is whether the application will pull in more downloads from the users and whether they will promptly utilize the app.

So, make sure that you characterize your target audience clearly and persuade the application investor that your app has the vital features to attract the users for downloading the application.

After you have finished these steps, you would most likely be capable of networking your way into discussions with potential investors for your app. Assuming these steps are in place, they will put you in a favorable position towards your purpose of raising capital to deliver your app in the market.

However, the path does not stop there. As several entrepreneurs understand, the more effective your business is, the harder the adventure gets toward achieving success.

Winning an investor is just one step closer for the road ahead.

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