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What is Intent Analysis and How Can it be Used?

A lot of people do not know the term Intent Analysis but I’m sure that they must have heard about it. This term is really important for a business point of view and it is a great deal to use. This article will help you to learn what exactly an Intent analysis is? And what are the various uses of this analysis? Also, it will demonstrate the fulfillment based on the needs of the marketing or other business.

What Exactly is Intent Analysis?

Intent Analysis comes from Intent (ion) Analysis. Generally, this term is to acknowledge the intentions from the text. It can be purpose designed to capture any intentions. Intention implies intention to sell, or intention to complain or intention to purchase etc. There is a need to understand what the intentions behind the text and the action are. It can lead to many benefits for the company or the consumers. It can also help us understand the feedback from the customers about any products, or we can also understand the nature of the service which we have to provide or improve. If we talk about the products and services improvement, the intent analysis will give you an upper hand.

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Is There a Need for Intent Analysis?

Absolutely, there is a need for original intent analysis. We must understand and then act according to the text and actions. This can be very well explained by the example. Let us consider you are the provider of any products or services for the customers. As a business owner, everyone needs the genuine feedback from the customers to make their product and services more valuable and improve accordingly. If the feedback which were given by the consumers or your customers are not understood properly, would you be able to act accordingly? Thus Intent analysis will play a major role here. It will help your business to understand what your customer is trying to say by giving you the feedback. What are the intentions of that feedback? There is a need for intent analysis in social sites, marketing or business sites.  

Intention analysis can also be done without having a text analysis. As the behavior can also demonstrate the intention. For a reference, let us assume that customers have to buy a product online. He’ll visit some certain sites such as Flipkart or Snapdeal. It has demonstrated that the customer has the intent to purchase something whether it is a phone, a bag or anything. Without any text analysis involved, it has shown the Flipkart or Snapdeal owners, that customers have shown his intention to buy that product. Not only you can understand the intentions from the text but you can also understand the intentions from their action. Intention Analysis can be a smart act to read the users mind.

Uses of Intent Analysis:

intent analysis

The application of intent analysis can be seen in various activities. We will give brief details where and how the intent analysis is used.

1. Customer Handling:

Customer handling is the most common activity in which you will see the role of intent analysis. In this, the intentions of the customers are understood. There are several intentions which a customer can show about the product or the services of your business. It is really helpful to know the intentions of the customer’s feedback. The intentions of customers can be a query, suggestion, complaint. Using intent analysis we can know the intentions of the customers and then solve accordingly. For example, “The ordered I received was not complete”, this is a severe complaint and “The order received was different from what I’ve ordered”, thus this intention shows the complaint which is very severe. Using intention analysis you can prioritize to solve the query which is more severe.

2. Advertising via Social Posts:

There are various social networking sites on which many users share their personal experience about the products or services. Using intent analysis, you can decide a more perfect place to show your ad to the customers. For instance, let us suppose there are several social posts which show different intentions for a phone.

  1. “The battery life of this phone is not good”, which is a feedback.
  2. “It could have used 12 MP camera instead of 8 MP”, which is a suggestion.
  3. “Does it have a fingerprint sensor?” which is a query.
  4. Want a better phone than your last one?” which is a marketing

You can easily identify the pattern of the intentions. If you find out the result of the intent analysis is complaint then you can show your ad there which is offering better specifications than the phone mentioned by the customers.

3. Spam Detection:

Also, with the help of intent analysis, you can identify the intentions of any text or emails that you receive. It can also help in the detection of the spam such as invalid emails, phone calls or messages. With the help of the intent analysis, the emails, phone calls or messages are researched to discover whether the attached link or URL in them are connected to legitimate identities or not. Example of this type of intent is phishing emails or messages. The URL is thoroughly compared against the databases to avoid phishing attacks. It is hard for the spammer to hide their identity from the intent analysis which uses mail scanning ability.

4. Marketing:

It can also be used in the marketing of your products. If a user has shown his intention to purchase anything from your site. You can use that analysis and show relevant products advertisement to that user even after that user has left your website. This phenomenon is known as retargeting. Just like Amazon and Flipkart, they use Facebook to approach users by showing them the advertisement of their products which might catch the interest of the user who has visited earlier. The result of the analysis can be very helpful for your business to provide more suitable products and services to the customer who is actually interested. 

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