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What is AIOps & Why is it Important?

Business today are struggling to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology, voluminous data, customer demands, process inefficiencies and a lot more. With the ever-increasing consumer touchpoints and hierarchy, every enterprise has a huge volume of data. Not just the data is huge it is superficially unrelated and unorganized. The old-school monitoring and management systems fail to deal with such huge volume of data and end up leaving a lot of work for humans to handle. To deal with the issue we need the help of intelligent computing and this is where AIOps comes in the picture.

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What is AIOps?

AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. The term is widely popularized by Gartner and represents the combination of machine learning and data analysis to make sense out of existing internal management systems. Businesses today use a range of project management, help desk and IT management software to deal with their day to day operations. With the accumulated data, monitoring systems create alerts as and when issues arise.

All of this looks pretty sophisticated unless the amount of data exceeds to a volume that is too much to be handled. As a result, hundreds or even thousands of alerts are generated every minute and there is never so much personnel to deal with this. Many companies end up closing the alert systems altogether. Not surprisingly 2/3 rd of issues end up getting reported by customers.

An AIOps platform takes inputs from different project management and support systems, analyzes data, understands issues, prioritizes them and organizes everything into three sections of a dashboard - Operations center, Business value and Internal development (DevOps). Hence this makes project management a breeze and generates real-time insights to help in data backed decision making.

Why Businesses Need AIOps?

AIOps provides an intelligent layer over the existing platforms and solutions and hence simplifies a lot of operational and managerial tasks. Here are some of its benefits:

Eliminating Silos:

In an organizational hierarchy procuring real-time data involves a lot of grueling thorough politics and fudging. By directly linking project management system to an AIOps platform the insights can be gathered without getting into organizational silos.

Better Tracking and Management:

AIOps aids management by highlighting the issues in the order of priorities. By using a machine learning program, we can avoid the need to churn through all the issues and directly focus on the ones which need immediate attention.

Automated Problem Solving:

The system takes record of the method involved in solving an issue. Hence there won’t be a need to think from scratch every time the issue resurfaces. In future, we might also be able to automate the problem-solving process nevertheless it is still a big help for the IT staff.

Role of AIOps in Digital Transformation:

Digital transformation is the paradigm shift from legacy IT infrastructure to more dynamic frameworks that allow for continuous improvement, agility, quick communication and data backed decision making. All of these revolve around three key areas - customer experience, operational process and business model.

AIOps at its core is a way to streamline inputs from all these three sections and generates insights from the collective data. Hence it will work as the best way to make all of this practically possible for large enterprises. By coupling artificial intelligence and big data the system saves the organizations from wasting time on repetitive tasks and makes them more responsive to change.

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Our Take on AIOps:

NewGenApps is a proud evangelist of artificial intelligence and big data analytics. We even have built our own robotic process automation platform (demo here). The potential of artificial intelligence is largely underutilized by many organizations. With all major players aiming for a successful digital transformation by 2020, it is necessary for them to take advantage of such innovations. If you do choose to take the road of intelligent management then make sure to get in touch with us. With over 10 years of experience in the domain, we have all the necessary skills to take up the challenge.

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