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What are Chatbot Makers & When to (or Not to) Use One?

The automated chatterbots have taken the machine communication the next level. These programs can replicate human conversation by using a combination of natural language processingartificial intelligence, and data science. Now, chatbots have become yet another critical touchpoint which every business needs to cater. The obvious possibilities and benefits of using chatbots are so intimidating that businesses are bound to make efforts in ensuring their presence.

But what looks like a straightforward text-based automation, involves substantial development efforts. Hence getting an intelligent bot developed raises numerous issues like budget and time limitations, lack of skilled developers etc. To solve these issues many no-code chatbot makers have emerged in the market that allow us to get our bot developed with almost no code. But as with any DIY (do it yourself) platform, they are many limitations in these tools. In this blog, we will understand the pros and cons of chatbot makers and when to (or not to) use these DIY chatbot makers.

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What are Chatbot Makers?

Chatbot makers are platforms that help us develop a Chabot. These platforms come with different functionalities and each offers a distinct approach to development. With the popularity of chatbots, many platforms have emerged that allow the development of bots without the need for code. These chatbot makers can create a basic bot that works as a task-based or Q&A solution. The no-code alternatives can save substantial costs that would otherwise be spent on creating a bot a scratch.

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Why to Get a Custom Bot and Not Use DIY Chatbot Makers?

cons of using chatbot makers

As said earlier the DIY chatbot makers come with many limitations. Here are some reasons to consider developing a custom chatbot and not rely on no-code solutions:

1. Better Data:

When you use a pre-built platform, you lose a lot of quality data. This data upon analysis can give insights into the common pitfalls, issues, customer grievances, etc. Since most of the custom-made bots use machine learning the data generated over time also helps the bot to learn and adapt to the user behavior. Most importantly you won’t be sharing your critical data with a 3rd party service hence you’ll maintain privacy.

2. No Limitations:

When you choose to get a custom bot developed there are seriously no limitations given the right amount of resources are available. Unfortunately, we always some limitations in terms of time and budget that do limit the scope of development but nevertheless there is far more scope for tweaks when you code your bot.

3. Good for Complex Flows:

Most of the codeless chatbot makers work in either of these ways – Q&A bot, task-based service or marketing blasts. The most complex flow being ordering a pizza or getting an online order. When it comes to coded solutions the possibilities expand dramatically. Whether it is Retail and Technology or internal communication custom tailored bots can take up any challenge. It is up to developers to change functionalities hence the flow can be as complicated as we like.

4. Easier Integration:

Normally bots need a lot of integrations. Some common applications that you would like to integrate with your bot include payment gateways (stripe, PayPal), CRM (Salesforce, Pipeline), Marktech (HubSpot, Marketo), ticket management systems etc. Your choice of chatbot maker might or might not have all the features that you would like. If you do choose to shift platform then you’ll have to make the flow from scratch. Thus, if you need many integrations then you are basically at the mercy of custom development only.

5. Real Intelligence:

Most of the chatbot makers don’t have any real intelligence or contextual sense. They identify keywords, determine the optimal response from the predefined text and respond back. Hence, they work on a set pattern and don’t improve as more data is poured in. On the other hand, when we use a self-made bot the responses can be intent based thus it will cater to real problems. For instance, a templated chatbot won’t contextually change the responses if the user says “I am in Mumbai, India.” but a custom chatbot can do it very easily.

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When to use a Chatbot Maker?

Even with so many limitations chatbot makers are great tools and can help a business easily build a scalable bot that satisfies its key issues. Here are some situations where chatbot makers are an ideal choice:

  • When the bot is task oriented - If instead of taking direct inputs, your bot gives users a set of choices all aimed at bringing conversions, then chatbot makers are a great solution.
  • When all you need is a prototype - If you are testing your hypothesis about the need and potential of bot then no code solutions can be great as they can be tested at minimal cost and hence prove to be a great MVP.
  • Budget Constraints - If you have a very small budget then also it makes no sense to go for a custom solution. Bot development from scratch is a costly process and is only suitable for people who can afford a significant risk.

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