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Valentine's day celebration at Newgenapps

Valentine’s Day — modern society’s most polarizing day was approaching. Newgenapps team was all set to welcome Valentine’s day, best known as “the Celebration of love in all its forms”.

Well, planning started quite early from January end only as we couldn’t resist. This time we decided to make each and every day of Valentine’s week a memorable one for team members. No doubt had to put a lot of efforts to make that possible. We had planned for many events like Secret Valentine, Love stories, Mr. and Ms. Valentine which were spread through entire week.

Secret Valentine: The week got a kick start with Secret Valentine event. Every team member had to pick a name from a bowl and had to spend the entire valentine week giving that person some sweet gifts or special notes. No one was allowed to reveal the names of their valentine. The task went well as the employees came up with amazing gifts. Will you accept ‘Bananas’ as a gift from your Valentine? Or else if you notice your valentine has not been shaving his beard off, a razor can be a great option. And the list continues…

Love Stories: The Love Stories,indeed the best part of the entire celebration. For the first time ever in the history of Newgenapps or perhaps any IT company, people got so comfortable in sharing their love life with the entire team.

Each and every member of the team gave his full participation in this event, be it sharing their own Love stories or giving best wishes to their colleague's.

Even our CEO couldn’t hold himself back , and had to share his Story, the most awaited one.

And icing on the cake, we got the opportunity to witness the first public confession of "I love you" in our office ,in a very endearing way :) !!

The Finale:  So , finally the D-Day or rather the V-Day , arrived . The newgenapps office was completely swinging in the "Valentines" mood. Entire office was decorated with V’ Day goodies, red balloons, flowers etc. Where Boys obediently followed the dress code i.e black shirt and blue bottoms , ladies too had perfectly arranged for their dresses. By 4:00 pm we kick-started the celebration, and as the ladies put their best foot forward, the temperature soared and so began the celebration.

It was now time for Mr. and Ms. Valentine Contest. All the nominated contestants had a feeling of excitement and anxiety. There were a series of rounds like Rapid Fire, Best Dressed, Propose your partner and Entertainment the audience rounds. We got to see some amazing performances and hidden talents. Applause and laughter were the only noise we could hear. At last the winners were declared. It was a tough task to choose as all performances were really amazing.

All in all for all singles it was a jackpot as they got multiple valentines’ to celebrate. For sure an unforgettable valentine’s week for all of us at Newgenapps.

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