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Top industries leveraging Virtual Reality

As we know that we are living in an environment where technology is upgrading and introducing new things every day. Virtual reality is one of the new emerging technologies that have an impact on working and learning as well. It is an artificial environment created with software. It is presented to the end user in such a way that he believes and accepts it as the real environment. Virtual reality is to replace your reality with some new virtual computer-generated environment. It is experienced through our senses, sounds, and sights. It is like placing someone inside an experience. It enables the user to interact with the 3D world. Virtual reality is a simulated environment that simulates physical presence in the real and imaginary world.

Here we have the list of some top industries that are using virtual reality in their working culture to improve results and to know that how it will look in reality.

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Automotive Industry

The introduction of virtual reality has changed the process for design and safety. The elements of VR allow the engineers to examine how a vehicle will look after it designed in the same way as shown in the simulated model. It also allows the safety trials on simulated models to perform rather than trials on the actual model. The major brands in the automotive industry are using virtual reality not only in the manufacturing process but also in sales. They provide the entire vehicles to their customers to try different features and test driving.

Retail sector

The introduction of virtual reality has changed the experience of the retail sector also. VR technology helps the customers to access their inventory more deeply. It allows the retails stores to showcase their products in a more effective way. With the use of virtual reality, the retailers can have the insight into consumer behavior.


Virtual reality is very helpful in the healthcare sector. With the use of virtual reality, doctors can gain an insight into a human body without working on the actual one. Doctors or healthcare professionals can do experiments on virtual humans to find out remedies for crucial diseases like cancer without harming real human beings. VR is used by both medical students and experienced professionals as well to perform experiments with high risk. VR also provide online training that enables the doctors to provide positive patient care. VR is helping the healthcare sector to provide treatment to their patients in a new way.

Tourism Industry

Virtual reality is very prominent in tourists nowadays. VR provides as a guide to tourists to take a tour to any place across the world. It provides a virtual visit to any place where they actually want to go. With the use of VR, tourists can take a virtual trip before they plan for an actual trip. By taking a virtual trip they can decide whether to visit that place or not.


VR is becoming an important part of the aerospace industry. With the help of VR, the designers and engineers are able to perform their tasks effectively. Due to testing and visualization, manufacturers can create the product faster than before. VR is also helpful for pilots, service workers, ground controllers as they can work on simulation model before working on the actual one and gain an insight what to do and what not to do while working in the actual model.

Education & Learning

VR is providing new and more interesting ways of teaching to the education sector. It is used for training purpose in the education sector. For making the study more interesting, the education industry has introduced VR classrooms. VR classrooms include games, virtual field trips, and interacting sections for students. VR studies make students more innovative and intelligent. Virtual reality serves as a tool to inspire students for creative learning.


It is one of the major sectors that is benefiting from the introduction of virtual reality. VR allows the architects or engineers to perform experiments with various aspects of a building. The introduction of VR has transformed the way of designing the buildings. VR has introduced smart helmets with a thermal vision for engineers. Smart helmets provide a guide or instruction to labors for construction of buildings.


The hospitality sector is also using virtual reality. They show their various facilities and services to their potential customers through virtual reality. They show their accommodation facilities, hotel rooms, hotel view, pool area, and other services to their customers so that they can have a virtual experience and they can explore the hotel sights before they book. The successful example for VR in the hospitality industry is the collaboration between Samsung Gear VR and Thomas Cook.


Entertainment Industry is using virtual reality on a very large scale. Virtual reality eliminates the gap between the story and the audience. Cinematic VR is a great introduction to describe new approaches to storytelling. You can have a great experience using VR in entertainment.

Military & Defense

Now the military and defense sector is also using VR in their operations. VR is used to create simulation environments in military and defense. It helps to train and recruit the soldiers. VR is also used for making defense equipment, weapons etc. It is also used to see the maps of different countries.


This is the sector that majorly uses VR technology. Virtual reality is the key contributor to the gaming industry. It provides the gamers with an actual experience of gaming. Gamers use VR box to experience the new trend of gaming. With the use of VR box, they actually feel like they are playing the game not the gaming characters. VR gaming offers an interactive experience to gamers. VR gaming has transformed the gaming experience on a large scale. As per a research, more than 171 million people are using VR game across the world.

Marketing & Advertisement

VR perform a major role in marketing and advertisement of a product or service. Every brand or company wants a wow factor in the promotion of their product and service so that it will look attractive and grab customer attention towards their product. It is the first industry that explores VR technology through advertising and campaigns.

Skilled trades

The introduction of smart glasses on the factory floor can increase the effectiveness of work. Gaming is a core of skilled traders. Introducing VR into skill traders is a great invention. Factory workers are working in a gaming environment in which the use of virtual practicing tools without touching hardware. VR is being used in high-risk activities to low-risk activities. Labors are getting a chance to improve their skills before the drive into actual work.

Get in touch and find out how we helped some of the top firms in Real Estate & Education industry to improve customer engagement using Virtual Reality, and how we can help you.

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