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Top 7 Ways to Find B2B leads that Generate Revenue

Top 7 Ways to Find B2B leads that Generate Revenue

Lead generation is a critical aspect of sales and marketing. Quality leads form the basis for generating revenues. In fact, 63% marketers consider generating leads and traffic as the most challenging marketing activity (source - HubSpot). If you are not able to generate quality leads then you won’t be able to generate revenue either. Fortunately, in the present digital marketing landscape, there are multiple ways to generate quality leads. Here at NewGenApps, we have shortlisted 7 most effective ways to find B2B leads. By using these methods, you can quickly generate quality leads for your business.

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Best 7 Ways to Find Quality B2B leads:

1. Search Engine Marketing:

With a 91.47% market share, Google undoubtedly is the most popular search engine. In fact, a majority of online research starts with Google. This means that customer might be searching for your product online and you should be visible to them to make a sale. Google Adwords gives you a way to showcase your website in the search results of your target keyword. It is a widespread practice to run a pay per click (PPC) campaign to direct your target audience to your website. This helps you generate targeted leads which would likely make a purchase.

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2. Directories:

There are many directories that you can use to showcase your product or service. Some of the popular directories include G2Crowd, Capterra, GetApp, CabinetM, Software Advice, SaaS Genius etc. By listing your company's services in these directories, you can attract highly qualified leads which can be easily be converted into customers. Another advantage of the directory listings is that you can generate quality traffic to your website and enjoy the SEO advantage gained from the backlinks given by these sites.

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3. LinkedIn:

Social media is also a popular medium to generate B2B leads. Among all the social networking sites LinkedIn is the most effective medium to generate B2B leads. 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn for making purchasing decisions.

There are multiple ways to leverage LinkedIn for lead generation. Here are some ideas to help you use it the right way:

  • Join industry specific groups where your target customer might be found. Engage in conversations in these virtual communities and notice if anybody comes up with a need for your product.
  • Use LinkedIn to distribute content. Being a platform used by professionals LinkedIn offers great opportunities to attract targeted visitors to your site. These can later be converted using good call to actions and landing pages.
  • Use LinkedIn content search to hunt for people who might need your product. Once you find the relevant people contact them using inmails or personalized connection requests.

You can also use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and advertising platform if you are willing to spend some bucks. These tools are very effective if you want to find targeted leads at a granular level.

4. Facebook Lead Ads:

Facebook lead ads allow the marketers to generate leads from Facebook directly without the need to direct them to your company’s website or landing page. Since Facebook comes with sophisticated targeting options it can easily be leveraged as a cost-effective way to generate quality leads. Here is a sample of a Facebook Lead Ad:

In case you decide on using Facebook lead ads do remember that on Facebook people are not really in a mood to make B2B purchase decisions. Hence, instead of a buy button try to generate contact details using giveaways and offers like free eBook or gated content.

5. Blogging:

Blogging is also a powerful way to generate B2B leads. When you create content that helps your target audience solve their problems and in turn engage with your brand. With every company acting as a self-proclaimed expert, consumers have become skeptical about the advertisements and marketing blasts. Blogging is an effective way which businesses can use to educate their customers and showcase expertise in their niche. It also helps generate traffic, subscribers and leads from the website.

6. Email Marketing:

Email is the third most effective source of information for B2B marketing.  It comes just after colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders. Personalized email marketing campaigns can help you generate conversions easily from your emails. While it might sound like too much of work personalizing emails is not that difficult. Tools like MailChimp have personalization tokens like ‘first name’, ‘last name’, ‘company name’ etc. that can help you quickly create personalized emails at scale. This is more of a lead qualifying strategy than lead generation strategy. You can identify contacts showing engagement from a clutter of random email ids and target those accounts.

7. SEO:

Ranking for relevant search terms on Google is also an effective way to find B2B leads. For instance, if you are an online shoe vendor then ranking for ‘quality shoes’ or ‘buy shoes online’ can help you earn a lot of revenue just by leveraging Google as a lead generation tool. Quality efforts towards SEO can also help you generate more views to your blogs thus catalyzing another lead generation process.

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