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Top 8 IoT App Development Trends for the Year 2022

Top 8 IoT App Development Trends for the Year 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the system of interrelated, internet-connected objects. These internet-connected objects can collect and transfer data over a wireless network without any human intervention. IoT app development is known for its capacities to enhance productivity, agility, and security.

Let us understand IoT with an example. You have a smartwatch that monitors your heart rate 24*7 and provides you a detailed analysis of the same on your smartphone is an example of IoT.

In the last few years, IoT has reshaped our homes with smart televisions, clothes, music, lights, and so many other things. The industrial IoT is gaining momentum, and the development of smart cities can be a living reality in time to come. It will reshape how we look at the world. IoT has been and will continue to gain popularity in the coming years. 

The IoT concept has been successful in setting up several kinds of trends in the past years. Let us look at the top 8 IoT app development trends for 2022:

1. Security will be a concern

The number of smart devices in our homes increases with every passing year. Each of these devices is collecting information, and sooner or later, hackers will start targeting them.

Though IoT is collecting tons of data, the issue is that it is not mature enough to tackle the security risks posed by cyber-attacks. The issue is serious. If a hacker is able to tap the vulnerability of a smartwatch software design, he can access your smartphone that is connected to other smart devices and even your bank apps. These are even bigger risks for companies and enterprises using IoT.

The trend around IoT app development that will be popular in 2022 will be tackling security issues using attack sensors, safeguarding protocols, and other security-related practices.

2. IoT and Healthcare

Covid-19 has changed a lot of things for us. One of the areas where there has been a complete change in healthcare. Governments and patients across the globe are looking towards technology to help stay connected with healthcare provisions without physical contact.

IoT fits in perfectly in this scenario. It enables doctors to monitor patients and even prescribe them medicine with no travel and waiting time. IoT is also making medical facilities accessible, affordable, and approachable to everyone. Now medical centers can function more competently, and patients can obtain treatment at no extra cost. With IoT, real-time reporting and monitoring of patients are possible. IoT also automates patient care flow and offers them remote medical assistance. Hospitals are now using IoT to track patients, staff, and equipment regularly. Apps around the same are likely to gain momentum in the coming year.

3. Edge computing

Oil was the king in the 90s, and this decade data is the king. Hence, it needs to be well protected and utilized by the companies looking for expansion and a better future. Businesses have realized this, and now they are moving towards edge computing amongst IoT networks.

Edge computing is the inclusion of a mode within an IoT network's topology. The node ensures that the data is first stored and analyzed for a business requirement before it is stored in the cloud. The node is located closer to the destination or source of output data to ensure greater utility and efficiency. As the number of devices increase, this trend will take prominence to ensure the fast-paced and seamless workability of each IoT-connected device.

4. Artificial Intelligence

The purpose of IoT is to automate the devices such that they work at greater efficiency. AI is a technology that helps devices to analyze the available data and make smart decisions for automation. We are definitely looking to have our home and offices smarter. For that, we have to include Artificial Intelligence in the journey. AI has already enabled the development of AI-backed robots and other smart devices in the business. In the coming years, the trend is likely to increase. Names like Amazon are already working with robots in their distribution network, and this is just the beginning of a new world. You will see a lot of apps around IoT and AI in 2022.

5. Blockchain with IoT

Blockchain and IoT are the world's top two most popular and growing technologies. When you put them together, you have a secure, verifiable, and permanent method of recording data processed by smart machines in the IoT. In the supply chain system with blockchain, the data can be trusted by all parties involved in the supply chain because of encryption and distributed storage.

Blockchain also has the potential of greatly improving the overall security of the IoT environment. In 2022, you can also see a lot of government organizations using blockchain with IoT for better security within agencies.

6. Smart Farms

Farming has evolved with every passing decade, and farmers have become smarter using technology at their farms. Devices are being built, and technology is being used within the agriculture sector to monitor climatic conditions in real-time. Technology is also used to analyze different crop-growing factors like soil health, irrigation, moisture, plant health, etc.

With IoT, farms can monitor these parameters using handheld devices without the need of being on the farm. They can track it on a daily basis with much higher accuracy from anywhere that will help them save a lot of costs. The use of drones will become more in the coming years as they will be empowered to collect water droplets and form artificial clouds.

7. Industrial IoT

Every industry is focusing on automation, and IoT is helping them achieve it. IoT in industries collects and analyzes data and work routines for requirements of various devices and systems and automates their work.

To start with, IoT was limited to increase the overall industry work efficiency and operation management with automation, rationalization, and applicable system maintenance in the manufacturing sectors. Now IoT is set to help industries within the scope of optimization in their work procedures, asset performance management, moving towards an on-demand service model, intelligent manufacturing and smart industry, industrial control, amongst others, even for cross-industry scenarios in the coming times. You will see more growth in industrial IoT.

8. SaaS integration with IoT

You cannot imagine a life without technology now. Every aspect of our life is driven by technology. Technologies like Machine Learning and AI are changing how we look at technology with a new used case every passing year. 

However, to use this technology, you need a development and deployment cost that may not be possible for every small-sized business. Not every small-sized business can purchase the tools and software and work with these technologies. 

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based service that enables the usage of these technologies as services within clouds that store IoT network data. The business has to pay as per their usage, and hence it becomes affordable for every business. 


IoT is no longer in its nascent stage, and it has started finding user adoption and acceptance among users. The concept of IoT has a great potential to bring some revolutionary changes to the world. You will see some of the changes in 2022 through app development using the above trends. Some apps will definitely be built that will touch billions of lives in one or other ways using the above trends. 

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