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Top 6 New Content Marketing Trends You Should Leverage

Top 6 New Content Marketing Trends You Should Leverage

Top 6 New Content Marketing Trends You Should LeverageContent marketing is something that’s always evolving. The reason is simple, every organization needs to innovate its content marketing strategies to remain relevant in the market. In 2021 too, there’re various new content marketing trends that are emerging. Actually, some such trends are evolving while others are already firmly in place. Here’s Content marketing some trends that you should leverage during 2021 and possibly beyond this year as well.
Therefore, in this article, I will be discussing the top six new content marketing trends you should leverage for maximum impact and to cater to a broader segment of your audience or even attract newer followers for the content.

Top Six New Content Marketing Trends for 2021

Some of these trends I’m about to discuss would involve the use of the latest technologies. Some trends are a continuation of those that are evolving rapidly while others are fairly new and could prove useful for content marketing in 2021.
Sounds interesting? Here we go.

Use Personalized Content

A report by Forrester shows that now personalized content, created using a customer’s data is proving more useful in attracting customers. About 92 percent of content marketers saw an increase in customers by using personalized content, the report further adds.
That’s because a customer wants to hear things that matter in their lives. And this purpose is served when you personalized content. Furthermore, a study by Demand Zen also finds that 20 percent of customers come to a business purely because of personalized content marketing.
By personalizing content, you’re catering to a specific need or demand that a customer or lead may have. This can prove very impressive when it comes to making the final decision to buy something for both, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer marketers.
Engaging in personalized content requires superb data analysis. This makes it possible to identify each customer and personalize offerings according to their needs, through content.

Artificial Intelligence to Generate Content

This is an evolving technology. Yet, Artificial Intelligence to create content is gathering momentum among larger content marketers. And trends indicate that this is a technology you could easily leverage to create content that’s engaging, relevant, and interesting to your client base, regardless of demographical considerations.
One of the main things is that you can use AI by programming software in such a manner that it automatically scans data about a customer and finds points where they can be targeted. For example, if a customer or potential lead is interested in coffee makers, your AI software can extract the relevant information from your database and create content that’s not only personalized but also offers solutions that best match the client’s needs and demands.
This reduces the dependence on human content writers to a great extent, especially where personalization is concerned. AI-based content writing is one of the trends you could easily leverage to attract a higher number of clients and convert potential leads as customers.

Mobile-Friendly Content

If we go carefully through our data or even trends prevailing worldwide, one thing would definitely strike out. That most customers are increasingly accessing content over mobile devices, or mainly, smartphones. Therefore, your content has to be mobile-friendly and be easily readable on tabs and smartphones, instead of merely computers.
This isn’t some rocket science. In fact, if you have a mobile-friendly website, make content also that’s marketable over smartphones. This means using mobile-friendly fonts and pictures. In fact, something like 74 percent of all online sales occurs through smartphones. Hence, this is an avenue you simply can’t afford to ignore. Therefore, doing keyword research for voice searches is important.
Mobile-friendly content also means that product pictures and descriptions can be seen clearly on smartphones and tabs. That’s because buyers generally use mobiles during their commutes or spare time to look for something.

Voice Searches for Content

With resources such as Alexa and Siri, among others, consumers of all sorts engage in voice searches while looking for something they require. This means, as a content marketer, you’ve also to adapt your content for voice searches.
Actually, customizing content for voice searches isn’t very difficult. At the same time, you’ll need to do Search Engine Optimization and use keywords that are commonly used for voice searches rather than only for web-based searches.
Voice search is a trend that’s rapidly becoming popular and hence, very important for every business. You can leverage voices searches to reach out to a wider audience than before during 2021 and beyond. In fact, voice searches are here to stay and flourish. Adapting your content now for voice searches would indeed pay rich dividends in the future.

Concise Content v/s Lengthy Content

There are some digital and content marketers that espouse the theory that longer content attracts more traffic. In my humble opinion, that’s a sheer myth. While lengthy content does have some benefits such as opportunities to include more keywords, getting a reader to stay longer on the content, and so on, these are mainly for the benefit of the business and not the customer.
Therefore, I suggest that you keep your content as focused and targeted as possible, Remember, the human attention span is dropping rapidly. In 2021, the human attention span was said to be about 45 seconds only. This means you have between 25 seconds and 35 seconds to grab the reader’s attention before they move on to another content. This could cause your business to lose what could have been a potential customer.
Using shorter but focused and targeted content enables the reader to go through details quickly and make decisions instantly in most cases. Therefore, always create content that’s concise and serves the customer’s needs more instead of mere considerations of SEO and time anyone would theoretically spend on your website.

Influencer Based Content Marketing

The year 2020 saw an exponential increase in influencer-based content marketing. And this trend is going to continue for a long. Influencers armed with the right content can often swing the decision of customers to favor your business.
Earlier, influencers would use their own content to market something. However, it’s now possible to get influencers to use your content for influencing the public. To do so, you’ll require a content marketing strategy that also focuses on influencer marketing. That’s because studies indicate, 90 percent to 94 percent of consumers will most likely buy something when an influencer, as an individual, recommends something.
Then we also have the trend of micro-influencers, which no content marketer can afford to miss. In fact, using several micro-influencers alongside main ones also plays a vital role in leveraging your content marketing strategy for the new normal.

In Conclusion

As we can see, some of these trends in content marketing are rapidly evolving while others are relatively new. You needn’t rush to revamp your content marketing strategy instantly. Instead, the best content marketing strategy that uses the latest trends also has to evolve over a period of months, taking into consideration the factors that would have an impact in the future. Other content marketing trends that I’ve written about are time-tested and proven, though fewer content marketers using them for some unknown reasons. Instead, you can utilize and leverage these top six new content marketing trends in 2021 and record profits.

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