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Top 3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Diverse Payment Options

The total trading volume of the cryptocurrency market hit a record high of $6.6 trillion in quarter 1 of the year 2020. This marks a more than 100% rise compared to the previous quarter. These numbers are indicative of just how much cryptocurrency has grown in popularity over the recent years enabled by cryptocurrency exchanges.

One of the main drivers of the growth of cryptocurrency trading is the rise of cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms where traders from across the world can trade their assets in search of profits. As of 2020, there are over 500 cryptocurrency exchange platforms worldwide and new ones are springing up every day.

If you are looking to get into bitcoin trading, you must choose a good cryptocurrency exchange for all your transactions. When choosing a cryptocurrency exchange for your trading, ensure that you consider the payment options available on the platform.

The more payment options a cryptocurrency exchange has, the better flexibility you have in your trading. It is advisable to opt for centralized cryptocurrency exchanges because they offer a variety of payment options.

Since there are over 300 centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, it can be tedious to choose the right one. We have, however, done the hard work for you. We have sieved through all the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and reviewed the top 3 based on diverse payment options and efficiency.

Top 3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges With Diverse Payment Options

1.   CEX IO

The top of our list is a trusted and secure bitcoin exchange platform CEX.IO. The decade-old platform has stood the test of time and is arguably the best-centralized bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange. CEX boasts of a high-liquidity order book, an ever-evolving algorithm, and customer-oriented trading tools. Their platform has one of the best user experiences in the world of trading.

As for payment options, we have ranked CEX the best in the market for a reason. CEX accepts almost all the modern payment options. Whether you are a fun of plastic money i.e credit cards and debit cards or prefer to pay in bank transfers, CEX has got you covered.

In just a few minutes, you can purchase BTC, ETH, BCH, BTG, or LTC. They process payments very quickly and in no time you will have your coins ready for trading. Their withdrawal process is similarly quick.

Their trading platform is very intuitive, so even newbies can trade there without any problems. The platform has all the key features laid out clearly for users making trading a breeze. It also provides a lot of insightful information on how to trade better and increase your chances of walking home with a profit.

The cryptocurrency exchanges website is well-designed and is responsive across all devices. Whether you are trading on a personal computer, on a tablet, or your phone, the user experience is the same. To make trading on the go even easier, CEX has a very handy mobile application that is lightweight and compact enough to run on any mobile device.

Finally, CEX is very secure. They have invested in the best cyber-security technology to ensure that your funds are safe at all times. This explains why CEX has never been involved in any cryptocurrency scam. Customers love and trust CEX and you should too.

2. Coinbase

Coinbase is synonymous with bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges trading in the world. Just like CEX, Coinbase amassed a following thanks to the efficiency of their services, their security, and the diverse payment options they have on offer.

Clients can buy tokens using most of the available payment options globally. Clients can buy crypto using fiat currency via credit cards and bank transfers or using BTC. Their buying process is quick and seamless.

Coinbase currently offers Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin but there are plans to open up the platform to more cryptocurrencies.

The trading process is streamlined to make the platform more accommodative to novices. Users can trade in cryptocurrencies or using fiat currency. Their trading platform has all the features that you need to monitor your progress. Their graphical representation is top-notch and you will never be tired of trading on this platform.

The platform is very secure and your funds will, therefore, be safe at all times. In the event of a concern, their customer service team is always on hand to help you.

3. ChangeNOW

A new entrant into the market, ChangeNOW is trying to bring transparency into the trading world. They are a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers instant trading without the need for creating user accounts. This means that they don't collect user information.

They offer trades with approximately 170 cryptocurrencies which is more than on any cryptocurrency exchange. Customers can buy these cryptos using fiat currency and use them on trading platforms of their choice.

Their transactions rates are very affordable and they don't have any hidden fees which are in line with their transparency policy.

Their web and mobile platforms are very intuitive and easy to use. It is also worth noting that the platform is very secure. The company has not reported any scams or loss of money thus far. This explains why the popularity of the platform is growing very quickly.


These are three of the best exchanges but there are hundreds of others on the market. If you are looking for a platform with flexibility in terms of payment options, then the ones listed above are your best bet. If you are looking for something different, you can always conduct some market research before you settle on a cryptocurrency exchange of choice.

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