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Top 10 Tips for Successful Big Data Analysis

When it comes to big data analysis a number of organizations are missing out their important data. They are not actually aware of the loss and are making huge mistakes by doing it. According to a research by analyst Forrester Majority of the organizations are just analyzing twelve percent (12%) of their data. They are missing out on vital insights. These vital insights could hold hardcore information which missed out could cause problems in the working of the company.

This is something which should be taken care of as otherwise, it could be risky for the company. So given below are some of the tips which are important for successful big data analysis.

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Tips for Successful Big Data Analysis:

1. Cleaning all data at first is quite important:

You should be careful in handling data as you should avoid the lure to merge data from varied sources without cleaning the previous data.  This is actually time-consuming but later on, it will be beneficial to you. It will actually simplify account development, dropping project complexities and maximizing associated cost savings.

2. Your working should aim towards the final goal:

It is very important to consider the final goal and its because they will be of maximum value to the organization. You should identify priorities for business such as enhancing operational performance, understanding customer behavior or managing risk. Analytics solutions and data models can be made prior the needs of the system.

3. Focus on the exact questions and ask for them:

The most important insight into business performance is obtained by pre-determining specifically what information is required and then asking the data specific questions. A great number of companies work with the Big Data Solutions and want to go into details without even thinking what they exactly want to know. The fake or irrelevant questions will not receive any clear reply.

4. Have an approach which instills collaboration:

In order to get the desired result, it is very important to work together with your selected analytics provider by having an involvement of key stakeholders from your very own business at the out front. This working together will help you to achieve the desired skills and knowledge which you actually require to maintain the level and extend your big data solution in-house for the future prospects.

5. Check them thoroughly before recording:

It is important to work with someone who is a specialist and an experienced developer as it will help you to format the existing reports in line which are present in the new analytics system. For example, if you have standardization of table structures and calculations, it will help to eradicate inconsistencies which could be expensive and time-consuming to decide in the future.

6. No budgeting for fixed reports rather it should focus on flexibility:

Majority of the organizations actually commit the mistake of overestimating the number of reports they require as a part of their new analytics solution. This could actually be expensive when it comes to third-party development fees. So it is actually cost effective to determine a budget to develop a ‘self-service’ solution which allows users to build their own reports as the need arises.

7. The exclusive dashboard should be prioritized:

The senior managers should be provided with a user-friendly interface with exact information as simply as possible as it is key which makes sure that the system is used extensively. Once you have buy-in from the management team, it will be an obligation for the rest of the business to follow.

8. To get better returns usability should be focused:

To produce accurate reports one should ensure a solution which is easy to navigate and will also improve decision-making. If advanced programming skills and required for querying a solution it will be sidelined.  Go on Working with partners who can find out solutions which they have developed and can be accessed by non-technical users.

9. Be wise and make investment in skills not just in the solutions:

To achieve success for your company training of staff is quite important.  To receive a rapid return on investment it is very important to equip the team from day one with the skills they need to use a system fluently. It will help to save the large consultancy and development fees for work which can be completed within the company.

10: The impact which an upgrade can create should never be underestimated:

The increase of modern back office systems has actually reduced the time to gather information from varied sources and this is the vital element which facilitates business intelligence reporting. This time which is reduced to take up the information required for reports actually support faster decision-making for the company which is actually a great deal..

So these are some of the tips which are important for the success of big data analysis. If you are looking for developers to develop a big data solution then you are at the right place. We have a team of experienced data scientists who can take this work. Get in touch today.

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