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Top 10 technology advancements around app development

App Development advancements

Mobile app development has become a major aspect of the technical world. Companies are depending upon the aspect to ensure that they are abreast of the trends. However, it is not as simple as one makes the development phase.

If anything, the development world is extremely tricky and daunting if the proper technologies are not adopted. This helps in adding up exciting features to the long list of mobile app features. Not only this, but the developing world can be simplified with the booming year with topmost advanced features.

Even the revenue has increased exponentially over the years as per Statista records.

Statista records

Before starting the top technology advancement, let us know why we must even go for it.

Why opt for technology advancements

Over the past two decades, the mobile industry has taken over the whole world while enhancing different aspects such as the user interface. Along with this, the interaction between the user and the app has taken a vigor turn due to the involvement of regular operating system and internet connectivity.

The apps are allowing customers to get in touch with business people in real-time, file sharing, entertainment, GPS, and connectivity. The business world is altered due to mobile technology advancement and its latest trends in order to make it reliable.

Top technology trends with mobile development

1. Beacon technology

The healthcare, hotels, and museums are adopting the trends with the involvement of beacon technology. in the present time, proximity marketing and location technology are becoming the backbone of the mobile app world in an easy way.

The wireless transmitters work as the beacon in order to send the signals with Bluetooth technology. The exchange in sales is simplified in this beacon technology for the retail sector that is added to the Internet of Things (IoT). This technology includes several trends such as AI-enabled chips, mobile payments beacons, Beacon treasure hunting, and automated machine technology.

2. Wearable devices

The VR and AR are becoming an extensive part of the mobile technology world. We are experiencing a huge advancement of such technology in the apps with the launch of Pokémon Go that has taken over the innovative ideas.

The smart wearable devices are becoming a major aspect for the mobile app development world. In addition to this, the existing applications are becoming advanced and adopting the assistance technology to get accurate results. This has become a promising technology due to the assistance that it offers to different industries.

3. Blockchain

One of the revolutionary technologies that have altered the way we are using a currency is Blockchain. It is a game-changer that has made managed to bring in advancement to the technical and finance world.

Many businesses and startups are now including the blockchain technology to power up the apps and help the owners with big payments. In addition to this, the blockchain-based software and smart contracts are the major part of the blockchain technology world. the developers and techies are adopting these major advancements to get the detailed software benefits of the blockchain software.

4. On-demand apps

The on-demand apps have gained a lot of importance in the present world. From ordering food online to book a taxi, we are using on-demand services for many reasons. It is one of the major aspects of their lives due to the countless apps in the market that are satisfying the requirement of the world.

The trend has become a major highlight of the present world with the reshaping capability of on-demand services. Along with this, the Taxify and Uber-like apps have gained a lot of popularity over time. The searing demands such apps have taken over the majority of demand in the app development world making business owners opt for it.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Smarter apps are the most trending software advancement factor in the world and beyond. For the past decade, AI has become the most talked about app development technology and it is not going to change anytime soon. We are having a significant breakthrough in AI technology and with its involvement in the mobile app world, we are going to witness remarkable changes.

The apps are taking a smarter turn with the involvement of money, efforts, and time in the most innovative manner. In addition to this, the giants are adding the AI program in their business world to fix an appointment and talk to the customers. The companies are taking leverage of AI while taking it to a new level and adopting the significant role of AI in the services and products.

6. APM and EMM

EMM known as Enterprise Mobile management and APM known as Application Performance Management are the two major components of the development world. The enterprise mobile app development world has been simplified due to the involvement of this major technology that is becoming a major part of development.

APM is used to increase app performance in 2016 and become one of the preferred tools for testers to check the quality of the software or app. EMM is a different story as it offers security to the devices. The major purpose of the app is to streamline the process of businesses with the help of mobile computing. These components include managing finances, app security, and app maintenance.

7. Wireless 5G network

In the coming years and beyond, mobile app connectivity is going to reach a whole new level. The system performance has been trending over the past few years and along with this, fast internet connectivity is taking over the wide space. The implementation of the new technologies depends upon 4G technology as for now and in the coming years, it will reach a new level with 5G.

It is said that 5G technology is going to be much faster as compared to the present 4G technology. This has been a shift for the wireless network while taking over the technical advancement world. The industry experts are also going to depend upon the advancement for the development betting high.

The speed, data security, augmented reality, and 3D gaming is becoming extremely advanced such as Samsung and Verizon that working on the 5G chips. The devices are using 5G services to enhance the overall performance of the system.

8. Cloud platform

The mobile apps are no longer dependent on hardware systems such as SD cards. It includes the technologies that depend upon the cloud platform to offer up the opportunity to solve real problems. This saves the new trends to solve the storage problem in mobile apps.

We have so many options available for cloud platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Owncloud. These are the vital part that is making people opt for cloud platform making companies go for such service providers. This includes benefits such as data loss prevention, secure storage, disaster recovery,

9. Internet of Things

As mentioned above, IoT changed the world to a whole new level. The operations are now becoming simple with the involvement of IoT taking it to a notch higher. The e-commerce and education sector are capitalizing on the IoT factor to take off the industries. It is fostering the development world while interlinking the organizational aspects of the platform. The devices are becoming more convenient and faster with the entities to enhance the flow of IoT in an organization.

10. Automation

The future is going to be all about automation with the enhancement of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Automation is reaching a new level even in the present world with the promising factor to reach the trending level. The robotics are now combined up to the major technologies to streamline the operation of the business.

The bigger picture

The technologies have managed to expand the overall development phase while taking it to a new level. It is outgrowing the development phase with the mobile app and developers to reach a new trendy level. It is crucial for the trends and development process to overcome the limitations and take leverage of the advancements.

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