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Top 10 Benefits of Home Automation

Advancements in technology have come with a lot of benefits. One of the most outstanding is the ability to make houses smart. This has, in a way, reducing your home’s dependability on you, and somehow allowed it to ‘think’ on its own while still giving you control in a luxurious, efficient, and convenient manner. In fact, home automation is a new trend that probably most homeowners will be looking at when buying new homes, therefore it’s something that real estate agents should also keep an eye at

Of course, these capabilities give more benefits than just being able to keep up with the latest technology, or portraying you as tech-savvy. Here are 10 benefits of home automation that real estate agents should know to sell them to their clients.

1.       Saves time

We live in a fast-paced world with so much to do in limited time. You as a real estate agent have probably been overwhelmed with client requests who have wished that they could be able to multitask when their schedule seems overwhelming. Well, home automation allows them to tackle a number of home tasks simultaneously.  For instance, they can start the laundry, clean the house, and cook while replying to their emails. The ability for the robot cleaner to clean on its own, and the smart machine telling them how the laundry is done with notifications to their phone, all tasks are completed efficiently, doing so much justice to their schedule.

2.       Saves money

Energy and water costs contribute a large portion of home running expenses. Home automation allows them to save significantly on this without compromising your comfort. For instance, a smart thermostat can detect when they are not home and adjust the temperature accordingly. A smart shower allows them not only to control the temperature but also the amount of water and shower time.

If they have been looking for ways to save, recommend them a shower replacement as a smarter and tech-savvy start.

3.       Gives them control

You have probably been familiar with the everlasting problem that people leave their oven running or lights on or whether they have closed the door. Well, with home automation, all they have to do is look through an app on your smartphone. They can close the door and switch off the lights and appliances with just a tap. Better still, they can automate your home to automatically switch off the lights when they close the door on the way out.

4.       Enhances security

Security has always been a big concern for most homeowners. Thanks to home automation, homeowners can now enhance the security around the home. Talk of connecting motion detectors with security cameras and smart doorbells in one mobile device. They get to see who comes close to the door and get alerts for break-in attempts whether at home or far away. 

5.       Allows the convenience

Imagine being able to peep in your refrigerator to see what groceries to buy when they are at the supermarket. On the other hand, being able to start dinner and tell the thermostat to start warming the house while they are on their way from work. That is how much convenience home automation allows them.

6.       Gives peace of mind

If they have a baby, like most parents, they probably worry about how he or she is doing when they are away. The same case applies to sick or elderly relatives left alone at home. With a smart baby monitor, they can comfortably watch over and soothe their baby from where they are. A smart pill dispenser automatically dispenses pills for their sick relative, as well as reminds them when it is time for their medication. 

In fact, there are a lot of practices worldwide that are using this type of technology to take care of their elderly. As it has become apparent, the life dynamics makes it impossible for children to take care of their old ones. However, such a system is allowing them to have a monitor into their parent’s homes to see whether they have moved within the house if they have had a fool, pills, etc. Also, despite monitoring from children’s side, these systems are also proving to be beneficial for older people, who are using the technology for their day to day activities. They tell them when to eat when to take their pills, the weather, and much more fascinating and useful features. So, if your clients have an elderly for whom they can no take care of every day, make sure to recommend them to invest in such a system and be ‘closer’ to them using the technology. 

7.       Creates a luxurious feel

When spending most of the day at home, clients probably want to feel comfortable in a luxurious and cozy home. They can create the desired ambiance from the comfort of their couch with just a click on your smartphone. Think adaptive lighting, the right temperature, and with their smart music system playing their favorite music.

8.       Maximizes appliances use

Times are gone when home appliances are left for one task only. Today, the fridge will keep the groceries fresh while reading out recipes as they cook. The oven will not only cook the chicken but will also ensure that it is cooked to perfection.

 9.       Helps save the environment

We are living in a time when we should be cautious about our carbon print in the environment. When they use energy and other resources efficiently and at the time that they need it, they benefit the environment significantly. “ Home automation can be quite the investment, which will however greatly benefit energy-efficiency and overall lead to a more sustainable lifestyle” - say experts from Cold Air Central.

10.   Increases safety

It is very important to keep our homes safe, especially with children and elderly people at home. Home automation can help with this to some extent. For instance, your clients can set the maximum water temperature for them in the shower to avoid accidents.

  Final word

While being a real estate agent is not easy as you have to keep up with the ongoing changing demands and preferences of customers as well as follow the trend of new innovations. Your clients want a home that can lend them a hand, and still give them maximum comfort while at it. If all of the above is what they are looking for, home automation is the next thing to recommend. It’s definitely worth the investment, and it promotes a clean and green architecture that ultimately benefits a more sustainable planet. 

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