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Tips to Deliver Exceptional Sales & Customer Service

It is said that being able to sell something is a form of art. So, if you are a seller, pat yourself on the back for your artful job. Not a lot of people can do what you do for a living. However, great customer service does not end with the close of the sale.

However, nowadays, that's not enough. In today's world, more and more economies are tilting towards the "Customer is the King" motto. This makes it a tad bit difficult to make your customer happy. It doesn't matter if you are a street vendor or a company's CEO; you are expected to do a little more than just trading your product/service for money.

After all, it is believed that the process of selling doesn't end at the transaction. In fact, it goes as far as satisfying the customer. Yes, we are talking about the after-sales service.

If you want to rule the market, you have to keep your customer support service excellent. So, let's go over some tips that will help you deliver exceptional sales and service experiences.

Know About Your Product/Service

The main reason why the customer needed support is that they faced some trouble with the product/service. It doesn't matter if they know everything about the product/service or nothing about it. You should have extensive knowledge about what you sold to them. This might help you solve the entire problem of the customer. If not, it will still help you explain to them more features of the product/service, which is helpful anyway.

Stick to a Positive Attitude

When a customer needs help, they expect you to be friendly and helpful. While you can be trying your best to help them, it is essential to maintain that friendliness. It is the one thing that can help your customer feel satisfied even if you haven't been entirely successful at assisting them.

Always remember that it is easy to misinterpret the tone of a customer service executive over a chat. So, don't be afraid of using emojis and stickers while helping your customer over texts. No, it's not informal if some right. In fact, it can save your company's image if your customer feels you are warm and welcoming. Who wouldn't want that?

Solve the Problems Creatively

You must be wondering how it is possible to solve the problems creatively when there is only one way to do it. Don't worry. We are here to guide you.

Suppose a customer reaches out to you to complain about a defective product. What you can do here is either replace the product or offer a refund to the customer. The customer will feel entitled to either. So, where is the surprise factor? You will have to bring it in. As you refund or replace the product, gift the customer a little coupon code that can be used for discounts in their future shopping from your brand. Doing this will make the customer feel valued and cared about. Also, it will give the customer a happy story; they can't wait to share.

Be Quick in Your Response

If you want to enhance your customer service, you have to be speedy as you respond. It shouldn't matter if the issue is big or small; you must be ready with the solution. Also, could you not rush into it? Listen to the customer well enough and be understandable in your tone. It will save you time that you can be making more money with.

Treat Every Customer as an Individual

We are not sure if you were taught this in your customer support training or not, but you must not make your customer feel like they are just a ticket number. You have to talk to them like they are a real person and you care about them. Take a detour from your regular script and make your customer smile or laugh. You might make your customer's day. A successful Business Process Outsourcing Company takes good care of this department. You could learn this from them.

Be a Good Listener

You have to train yourself to be a good listener regardless of whether that is a part of your real personality or not. Even if you know what the customer will say next, don't finish off their sentences for them. You might come off as rushed or arrogant. Those are the two things that you never want to be if you are working in the customer support team. Make your customer feel like you are actively participating in the conversation by saying things like, “Let me make sure I’ve got this right.” Incorporating sentences like that will take your customer service up a notch.

Do What You Said

We can't emphasize enough how important this tip is. It says to stick to what you said to the customer. You can not, under any circumstances, be failing your word. If you do it, it will bring shame to your brand and even you as an employee. It gets tough to find a job in the industry if you have got your name dirty like that. So, keep your word and win your customer's trust. That is the only way to survive in harmony. Don't go over the top doing extra things for your customer if you have gone past the deadline. It won't mean much to them anyway. Just make sure you do what you said within the given timeframe.

Be Proactive

After you have helped your customer with their problem, your job isn't over if you are willing to do it correctly. You have to behave proactively. Ask them if they need something else or how their experience has been with the brand. Offer them a discount voucher or something.

Ask for Feedback

You must ask your customers for feedback but never push it. You have to make it seem effortless. Otherwise, the customers skip the feedback calls or emails. You can't afford that to be happening.

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