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Things to ask from an app development agency

Mobile App development

The digital world has seen the maximum growth in the demand for mobile phones mainly smartphones. People have started relying on the data available on the internet. They search every essential and nonessential topic on the web. They have become dependent on apps.

Every person gathers information through these apps. We communicate, shop, work through these apps. There are billions of app downloads every year. Getting an app designed under the name of your company is considered to be one of the best ways of promotions. As the number of mobile apps is increasing, the number of mobile development companies is increasing with them. When you search the mobile app development companies on the internet you can get a list of million names.

There are many companies in the market that are ready to serve and promise you the desired mobile app, but before bonding to any company and giving them the contract you need to know a few things. These things are essential to get the desired product. Not all the glitters are gold and so it is important to set up a probe before jumping onto the conclusion. Spending a little time before the final call can get you relief from further headaches.

These are a few questions you must ask the mobile app development company while hiring them.

1. Understanding their development process

It is very important to understand the working style of the company, whether if they follow the agile process and other related things. You must know about their last project and what cost did that take. Also you must figure out the kind of challenges that the company faced in the past and the company's approach towards the solution. Try to evaluate the reliability of the company and then reach a result. Also see if the company follows agile process as they are more efficient.

2. Their portfolio

Asking the company for a portfolio is no harm. We all know the value of technical approach and expertise but there is no substitute for real time experience. You must ask a company to showcase some of their good works. Any company must feel happy to showcase their work in front of the clients and so If the company shows you the portfolio it can help you assess the work a little and if not, you need to beware.

3. Any references

If you want, you can ask the company to provide you with some of their previous client details. Through these details, you can get an insight into the working process of the company. Also the other client can assure you of the kind of work ethic the company bears. It is important to understand how the company meets the deadlines, how they are dealing with pressure and how good they are at their work. Also you get an impartial view of the company.

4. Understanding what they offer

You need to understand the working of the company. Their quality assurance that whether they provide the client with assured results or not. The company can show you their business outline and help you understand their work with documentation. They must be able to explain the time required to design an app that matches your requirements.

5. The team

It is very important to understand the team that will be working on app development. You must check the details of these people as what kind of field they deal with, how much experience they hold, what is their working stack and the number of people who are in the team. Figuring out whether the team is good and how do they respond to changes. If you can have a team that is ready to accept the changes at any point and work on them it would lead to great results. If the team is not ready to deal with the changes at point, then it can be worrisome for the client.

6. UI/UX approach

To get a good number of users for your mobile app, it is important that the app design and user experience are never kept at stake. To get a great response from the users it is very important to keep important to their experience and only this can stand out your mobile app amongst a whole lot of apps available these days. A company that is worthy enough of getting a deal will always be happy to deliver an app that is user-friendly and accepts feedback from them in order to improve its design and working.

7. Who submits the apps

It is the recognition of a good company that guides the client through the submission process. It is very important to understand the submission process as there is no point in developing an app if they are not successfully launched. It is important to get the app to a proper launch and thus ask the company to prepare a proper plan for the release of the app in the working arena. Also, make sure that the company can closely monitor the app’s performance and efficiently deal with the bugs as and when required.

8. Post-launch support

It is very important to figure out a way that you can deal with the app post its launch. There must be a way to continue the updating of the app and also fix the bugs along with the addition of new features. Constant maintenance adds to the value of the product. Your company can address these problems. They can suggest a cost that the firm has to bear per month in the maintenance of the app.  They should also ensure the reliability and attentiveness of the product.

9. Understanding your business model

It is very important that the company understands the demands of its clients and they can address it efficiently. They must understand the audience's expectations and have a design to address it in a relevant way. If the company understands the client demand then they can surely fulfill the need of the client. Try to find the right agency for your project that has worked in your field earlier and is ready to serve as per the need of the clients.

10. How much your involvement matters

It is very important to understand the level of involvement they want from your end. It is very crucial for the company to get the input from the client as you are the one who has envisioned this project. It is very important for a company to get you involved in the work. The framework requires numerous input from the client. If the agency is good at their work they will surely involve the client in the process.

 The company and client must be always in touch during the development of an app. There are numerous times that the company needs information from the client. A company must always update the client about the progress that is made in the work. The in-charge of project must always keep the client updated about the processing.

11. Support for different OS

You may ask the company about their potential to handle different operating systems and thus ask for their experience to check on their capabilities in the field. The app for iOS is not the same as the app for Android. The two have a lot of differences in working and coding. Therefore, check whether the company can deal with both the operating system if required.

12. Ownership of the code

The company must hand over the ownership of the code to the client. The company may use the code for the next project and so get rid of this kind of doubtful thought the company must handover the ownership tag to the client. They must also mention the way of handling the files and documentation to the client after the completion of the project.

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