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The Top IT Tools for Small Businesses

The current times have seen a significant rise in small businesses. Entrepreneurship in these unprecedented times needs careful planning and smart decisions. The world has shifted digitally, and to have a constant customer and client flow, it’s crucial to have the correct IT tools at your disposal. Having the best IT tools is essential to boost your business and thrive in an unstable economy. These IT tools help you effectively manage different tasks and make your social media presence hassle-free. 

Many new business-oriented tools and platforms are offering the best features. 


This is a wonderful tool for all small business owners. It gives an effective communication strategy, and you don’t need to worry about your inbox blowing up. It helps in effectively managing different messages, emails, and calls. This is the best way to stay organized and on the top of your business game. 


GSuite is your ultimate management tool that has many functional benefits for small businesses. It helps in domain purchasing, and client email set up analytical tracking and ad campaign managing. This is your one-stop solution to managing all business needs by keeping all accounts and tasks in a single place. 


An essential tool for managing a business is Telezio. With telezio, it’s easy to manage calls, messages across several devices and locations in a commonplace. It helps in streamlining needs and generating information and managing it effectively. It has a very good user interface, and navigation around this platform is easy. You can run an effective system to manage calls and co-ordinate with people. 


Asana is an excellent management tool that will effectively help you do team projects and tasks.  You can work without worrying and staying on top of your performance to reach your deadlines and goals. Asana helps you visualize your work and move through the multiple stages quickly and in a well-illustrated manner. The timeline feature in asana will help you create a plan so that all the pieces of your projects fit together and you can stay on track without running into messy situations with your boss and other team members.


Customer relations are crucial for any kind of business. Regular communication with customers and constructive feedback is vital. This multifunctional tool makes it easier to interact with customers, and you can have all the details on one screen. Live chat, sales diaper, and customer education are some essential parts of this tool. 


Trello is one of the top business management and team coordinating tools. This has several features for noted addition, due dates, and much more. 

CyberGhost VPN

An essential part of taking care of while running a small business is taking care of security. Investing in CyberGhost VPN can protect your online activity and give you great protection. You will get this protection at no extra cost and is a tool you should use. You can check the CyberGhost review for more information and benefits.

Project management by Wrike

This is the perfect tool for all project collaborators looking for the perfect way to store and share ideas. At a time, five people can simultaneously collaborate on a project, and there is a storage option for 2 GB. 


This is a perfect tool for work, and everything you need can be found in one place. Dropbox helps you to streamline content and collaborators in the same place while making it accessible in a seamless way. You can set a good workflow and get a business plan that will help you centralize team content.

You can create and store Google Docs, excel sheets, PowerPoint slides, and everything alongside the files in your Dropbox. Dropbox can also help you transform boring folders so that all your Google docs, PowerPoint  and Trello boards can be found in one commonplace. This also ensures team collaboration can be done anytime, anywhere, and from any devices and browsers. 

CloudSecure Tech

CloudSecure Tech is the best tool to save your information and protect all critical data without any privacy breach. It includes hosted services, storage, and hardware features, and much more. 


Todoist is a perfect tool to keep all your work organized and accounted for so that you can progress on things that are your top priority at the moment. Start each day without worrying because of the clear overview given by this tool. Todoist will ensure you won’t lose track of any important task. Some of this tool’s noticeable features are a quick add-organize task, recurring deadlines, and much more. This will help your team members focus their energy on the right things, and they’ll always know the workflow after each task is done. Tododist will also help share the workload so that everyone can collaborate to conquer the company’s goals. Using Todoist can ensure tangible progress is made and fair productivity is obtained.


Evernote is a wonderful way to accomplish good ideas and to access them whenever required. You can use it to work anywhere, as all the vital info is handy. You can also capture images, text audio, scan PDF, and much more. With Evernote, you can customize your notes with the different formatting tools and get them on your computer and other devices anytime you need. This will help you stay on the top with your organization skills, and your ideas will never get lost. Evernote also helps to share data across apps, and you can connect all your productivity tools and work in a way that everyone is benefited. Another noticeable feature of this app is a document scanning, so you can ensure it can go paperless and backup essential documents in your devices to avoid any clutter. The fantastic web clipper feature helps you save web pages and add highlights and texts to them so that you can always come back to it later. These notes in Evernote are strong and can be a basis for creating a strong profile.

It’s important to remember that expanding digitally should be a primary goal for the current unprecedented times. Investing in these tools today can help you scale up and grow an excellent reputation. 

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