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The Only 3 Steps to Warm Cold Leads

Let me guess your concern here. Do you have a database of leads that haven’t engaged with you for a long time? This is a fundamental problem faced by many marketers who try to leverage email marketing to sell to cold leads. The email database of every company deteriorates over time with an increasing number of leads opting out of communications or showing disinterest. In this scenario of high churn rates, how can you effectively sell to these unqualified leads? We have a clever framework that you can use to solve this issue. Here is a 3-step process to make full use of your lead database, warm cold leads and convert them into paying customers:

1. Target Your Social Media Ads:

71% of consumers who had good social media experience from a brand is likely to recommend it to others. (Source: Ambassador)

Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook provide ample of options to target your ads to specific audiences. If you have a good database of email ids then you can target your social media ads to that specific audience (email-ids) and increase the level of brand awareness. A one to two week campaign focused towards generating engagement can help you define your brand to these specific audiences before moving further to other communications. You can read the help guides on Facebook Custom Audiences or LinkedIn Matched Audience to kick-start the campaigns.

While nurturing leads can be automated, generating high-value leads takes up a lot of time. At NewGenApps we have created a sales automation tool, ‘Intelligense’. This tool will help you generate targeted contacts and nurture them from the same platform. Sign up for our demo today and enjoy 250 free leads:

2. Leverage Email Marketing:

Increasing engagement rate is the number one priority of over 54% of email marketers (Source - Ascend2).

Email marketing is the most powerful tool at your disposal to nurture and warm cold business leads. Unfortunately, blast emails focused on selling your product or service don’t work anymore. Here are three steps to create an effective email campaign that convert your cold leads into hot prospects:

Segment and Personalize:

According to 51% of email marketers, segmentation of the email list is the most effective way to personalize lead nurturing. (Ascend2)

Remember that you are reaching out to people who may not really be interested in your product/service. An unpersonalized email is only going to set them off leading to a very high unsubscribe rate and diminishing open and click rates. To solve this you need to personalize your communication to a granular level and that starts with segmentation. Use a tool like Clearbit to enrich your database (if it’s not already) and then segment it based on designation, location, industry etc. Now you can construct a personalized copy for each segment you created.

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Send Qualifying Emails:

Qualifying mails are used to score the leads based on the level of engagement they showcase during communication. These emails are meant for an educational purpose and don’t necessarily communicate details about your services. It is a popular practice to send a sequence of emails at regular intervals that educate the leads and then communicate your services - these are known as drip emails. Here is sample workflow of three qualifying emails that you can send to identify key contacts that are worth engaging to:

  • Identify a problem, elevate it and offer a solution - use a blog post or eBook.
  • Send a two (or more) newsletters introducing some of your best marketing resources.

Now identify the list of contacts who showed maximum engagement and reach out them with personalized emails.

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Introduce and Prospect:

As discussed it is time to introduce your product or service as the best solution to their problems. This set of emails explain your product, showcase testimonials and case studies and offer a free trial or demo. If they choose to enroll in the demo them go ahead and start explaining your product. You should also include a meeting link. This link should enable your leads to easily set up a meeting with you by filling a form a selecting a time slot from the calendar.

3. Pick up the phone:

call marketing sales.jpg

One of the best the ways to sell to a prospect is to connect via phone call. Once you have identified the key people who might be interested in your services you should pick up the phone and start calling. This is a straightforward way to build an interpersonal rapport with key contacts. These calls should simply introduce your product and be very specific ( ideally last for 20-30 secs). If the person is interested and they further calls should be made based on the interaction history. If he is not interested then simply end on a positive note saying that you will remain in touch or he can contact if anything positive in future.

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