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The latest trends followed in Mobile Apps for 2016

What are the common trends that most of the successful apps are following the market today?

Not only should your apps be keeping up with latest technology standards, but also latest trends followed by successful apps should be regarded. Let us dig into those trends in detail:

1. The line between mobile Web and apps has started blurring 

According to a research, most of the UK and US consumers engage in an average of 25 apps per month. Yet, if we analyze a Smartphone user, he spends more than 80% of his time on just messaging apps. These apps are set to be standalone application ecosystems in future. Thus, the gap between mobile and web apps is soon going to shrink, and it will be a much smoother transition going from one environment to the other.

2. Integration of mobile to the marketing strategies

Today, most app providers have started to mobilize the ads they are producing. But, to stay at the top one needs to go to that extra mile. Industry leaders have started measuring the impact of mobile on offline channels and have an orientation to divide up to 20% or more of their marketing budgets on mobiles.

3. Product Alerts

Last few years have seen a lot of usage of push notifications. These ease consumers with an instant access to important information. All successful apps are now using the push notifications to alert consumers about the products they want to buy. Most of the companies today are integrating social media in their advertising. These methods are adding new dimensions to their businesses. Another example of such product alerts is the new notification widgets feature which was released with iOS8. This feature provides alerts to Apple users for an app and gives the option to go through alerts without actually opening the app.

4. Loyalty Cards

Old but the sure shot method of ensuring customer revisits is through Loyalty cards. Apps, too, have been making use of this strategy now. Depending upon their needs, companies use virtual loyalty cards. These apps are used to notify customers about the special offers and promotions the company is offering.

5. Having Multiple Apps

More and more businesses today are including multiple apps for their customers. Each app is designed for a separate stream of the target audience and a different set of services. For instance, the most famous social media platform, FaceBook, also has started offering multiple apps to its customers. To name a few: Messenger, pages, and paper. The diversion into multiple apps helps make more money from advertising.

6. Mobiles will use artificial intelligence and IOT to enable brand innovation

Although these technologies are yet to become a part of our daily routine, many companies have plans to adapt them for their brand innovation soon. Virtual reality will soon be opening up new experimental opportunities for different brands. Also, with latest trends of using wearables and smartphone products, new opportunities for B2C consumers will grow.

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