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The Best Marketing SaaS Solutions For MSPs

Marketing and selling are often used interchangeably. However, they differ in their meaning. Marketing involves several strategies and campaigns to advertise the product or service to make it accessible to target customers. SaaS solutions are those solutions required by the businesses in web-based software or on-demand software systems. These SaaS solutions assist the business in keeping data and establishing communication with the clients through the internet. MSPs are those companies that primarily operate as Managed Service Providers. Marketing for MSPs requires SaaS solutions to make their functionalities efficient and productive. Here are some of the best SaaS solutions for MSPs:


When you have to be an MSP in a competitive market, having SaaS solutions for marketing becomes necessary. Hubsoft is the automation software that assists MSPs in every way possible. Social and email marketing, landing pages and blogs, and keyword tracking are only some of the ways how Hubsoft helps the MSPs in planning better marketing strategies. 

It is user friendly and inexpensive, so even small startups and businesses can afford the software. It uses inbound marketing techniques to enrich the experience of customers and build an economic model for service providers. 


Even when the business environment is turning dynamic and competitive, MSP Marketing Solutions finds its place in the market through their ideas. Pardot is a CRM application that is compatible with companies of all scales. However, the software is a bit expensive, ranging from $1000 to $3000 per month. But it is worth it. When you analyze the benefits and quality of service it provides, the money spent on it for monthly use does not seem to be expenditures. Now owned by Salesforce, the software is best suited for companies that already have CRM software in their company.  


Infusionsoft can be considered the most affordable automation software for SaaS marketing solutions. The prices range from $199 to $599 every month. It is specially designed for small and middle-sized businesses engaged in MSPs. The software is easy to use; its simplistic approach helps cover billing, emailing, marketing, and lead management efficiently. 

The objective behind creating this automation software to make it available for those MSPs who lack the resources and are comparatively new in the industry. There are higher packages also available for better features for companies with huge investments. 


If you had to list the SaaS solutions for marketing based on features, ratings, and reviews, then SharpSpring would top the list. It has an all-inclusive cloud management solution based on CRM software. All businesses can afford the software irrespective of their size, scale, and investment, as it is available every month at a reasonable rate. 

However, the software is comparatively new in the market, but that does not make it low quality. It provides some aspects like call tracking, sales automation, CRM optimization, and customer support. These aspects make it stand out from all other marketing SaaS solutions for MSPs, especially in the IT sector. 


The marketing sector is bombing by and large all over the world. The marketing companies have started using SaaS solutions to improve their growth structure and maintain a competitive edge in the market. Atera is one of the cloud-based IT solutions designed for small scale and middle-sized businesses. 

Often, most of the companies are not able to afford software as a service to enhance and influence their customers. Hence, when there is a lack of resources, you can switch to CRM software like Atera, which specializes in RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management). It helps in all functions of tracking, billing, and invoicing from the end of marketing departments. 

Web Titan

Managed service providers look for such software systems which are free from any risks. Web Titan fulfills all the internet security measures by removing viruses and malware from the system. Usually, the system gets slowed down, and it leads to delay in work. Employees also lose efficiency when their work gets destroyed by malware. 

This software as service has DNS filtering controls and BYOD (bring your device) policies in place to deal with the breach. It offers several options for deployment, which help in marketing solutions for the managed device providers. Configuration of the content filtering features makes it one of the best choices for MSPs in the market. 

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a well known SaaS solution in the market for MSPs. Many companies have been using this remote software service the enhance the performance. The best feature of this software is that it is suitable for organizations of all sizes. It allows a distinct part where the work can be done even on a remote desktop. 

The technicians are not required to do any form of installation from their end as the system of the software is completely automated. Zoho Assist also provides various rebranding options for the MSPs as an additional feature. There are multiple plans that the software offers. From free plans for small businesses to plaid subscriptions to innovative companies, this SaaS solution has it all. 


The MSPs have to check out this software as it has all the characteristics they are looking for in their marketing solutions. It helps the companies to manage the customer service agreements through automation. It also helps the clients in building the infrastructure of their companies. 

The support that it proves ensures that the customers have access to grievance redress machinery.  The services can be availed from the site, or it can be done from a remote desktop since it is remote filtering controls. The third-party issues can also be resolved with the help of ConnectWise. It is also advised to use their different applications like ConnectWise Manage, which helps the users in project management, backup management, and invoicing of the bills. 

These SaaS marketing solutions are perfect for the MSPs as they get a wide range of features and technicalities within one software. Most of the MSPs have to manage various things simultaneously. Hence, these SaaS solutions can be of great help to improve the growth of their operations. 

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