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Technology trends adopted by companies in 2019

New technologies
In the era where companies are growing with the fast pace competition is growing even faster and striking the right chord with the technologies development is the call of the day which is a must-have for the expansion of the business and the desired acceleration of the results. Likewise, fast is the development rates of these technologies faster is their evolution and expiry and they become offbeat after a time period. Now, is the time to understand the overall performance and the adoption of growing technology in the industries. It is slowly but gradually changing the overall advancement and it is thrilling to see what changes it can actually bring to us.

With the evolution in terms of technology, we have seen industries embracing it with open arms. However, there might be a few hitches where they were varying from the overall idea but they accepted it and now are more than ready to involve its operations. In this article, we try to explore the exponential trend of the technologies in 2019.

1. Robotic Process Automation

Use of robotic process automation or RPA as it is being called is the use of the business process through various software this may include interpretation of various day to day activities and their applications, processing transactions, dealing with the relevant data, and even the basic activists like replying to emails and calls. This reduces the workload as well as the repetitive paperwork cycle that people use to do in the business set up.
Even though it is believed that the robotic process augmentation hampers the status of the skilled workers but on the other hand it develops the various horizons for the users where the maintenance is low cost comparatively. It also opens up the gates for the professionals who wish to make their mark in the IT sector. Understanding of the process creates carrier options like software developer, project manager, business analyst, solution manager, and the consultant.
The use of Robotic process automation is only simple and related to menial small activities but can be used to handle more complex structures as in for company CEOs and medical professional.

2. IoT edge computing

IoT or thing of internet edge computing is used interchangeably with fog computing converges the relation between IT and OT world. This is the use of the data and the information to the edge that means to the remote areas as well. It includes the process of the time and space data, this, in turn, let you take the decisions even faster when you have handy information and help to grow the business ecosystem where the dependence of the real-time data is very high.
This system is slowing taking over Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure as well as Google Cloud as more business domain ids shift to edge computing than cloud management.
With a growing number of devices and dependency on IoT devices in the changing scenario, the need for faster processing, the increase in cloud adoption, and the increase in pressure on networks is leading to the migratory effects towards the edge computation. Edge computing uses the intelligence, processing power and communication capabilities of gateway directly into devices and uses the Fog computing that brings the intelligence to the local network level and the device as well.

3. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality spice up the digital experience one face in the business as well as the daily activities.
Augmented reality adds up digital elements to the usual live view often by using a simple tool like the camera of your smartphone. This enhances the environment and the user in as augmenting the users’ current state of perception. Like the introduction of the augmented monitor fewer glasses which connects to the PC or your television screen through wifi and replaces their screen, this system provides more exploration to the user and business development as this does not require complex processes. Remember the game PokemonGo where the world was taken by a storm of finding pokemons near you. This is the perfect example of the augmented technology affecting the main mass acceptance and business generation as well affecting the daily life as a user.
Virtual reality completely alters one perception and lends the user to another world which immerses and transposes the user to another dimension. Use of virtual reality is only restricted to video games but in training of special forces as well, stimulation software is proving to be a boon in the aviation industry.
Both have enormous exploration points which can enhance the marketing strategy of the companies in various fields let you avoid digital mistakes like training, the entertainment industry, education sector, or a rehabilitation course for the patient after an accident. Enormous possibilities are generated which is used to train doctors to do robotic surgeries, theme parks, amusement parks or museums which can offer a major diversified and real-time four-dimensional experience to its users.

4. Artificial Intelligence

With the continuation of the technologies from the past times, this one is still going strong and to look forward to in 2019 as well. Artificial intelligence is affecting our lives even we being unaware of it, like using navigation apps, live streaming services of Facebook or Instagram, Smartphone personal assistant (Google play or Siri), ride-booking apps like Uber, home assistants, and smart home devices. In addition to consumer use, this has been around the corner since decades and still with regular updating like Machine Learning, and human mimicking performing tasks such as recognition of images, speech as well as patterns and decision making are made much easier and handy.
Now, this is well established that artificial intelligence can do tasks faster and more accurately than humans and is proving to be a breakthrough in various service-providing industries. Increase the use of augmentation services led to better understanding and opportunities for streamlining the activities of various organizations.

5. Cybersecurity

As the ground for artificial intelligence increase so is the window for its breaching increases and this led to the dire requirement for cybersecurity which has been in the market for quite some time but its expansion has been slow but this does not mean it will not evolve further as the threats are constantly growing. With increasing the requirement of Hardware authentication, cloud technology, and augmented learning cybersecurity is must have for the data preserving and preventing loss and unauthorized access.
With the technology development where companies are exchanging and transmitting sensitive data between the client as well as B2B requirement for protecting this information is a must.

The bigger picture

With constant emerging technologies the ease of handling as well as expanding a business from a company perspective is ever increasing and will lead to a post digitalized world for consumer, employee and the respective business partner. However, it is more than a way to include the latest world to enhance productivity and enhance the ROI to the business world. it is becoming a major game changer and companies are going to be more than happy with the results due to this evolved form.
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