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Surface RT, Android Event, Salesforce Marketing, Nokia Reports loss

  1. Waiting for Oct 29 for Android Event? Here is what google can announce. Revealed: Everything Google Will Unveil at its Oct. 29 Android Event
  2. Thinking to buy Windows RT Display? Wait! read Display Mate's review "Surface RT display isn’t better than an iPad"
  3. Looking to get a taste of Firefox OS but don’t have a spare phone to try it out on? Don't worry Mozilla opens Firefox Marketplace, brings apps to Aurora on Android
  4. Salesforce.com announced on Friday that it will give its recently formed Marketing Cloud a boost by giving customers an easy way to plug the capabilities of 20 prominent third-party analytics vendors into social network monitoring, analysis, and campaign workflows. Thus, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Adds Social Analytics Options
  5. Nokia's disastrous third quarter highlights just how badly the company needs Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia 920 to reach the market ASAP. Nokia Reports Loss, Desperately Needs Hit Smartphone