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Some apps that could save your life

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It's safe to say that the smartphone has taken over our lives. Majority of us now use smartphones to carry out small, simple tasks from waking up in the morning to ordering dinner. However, smartphones have not been given the credit they deserve. Thanks to the introduction of applications on mobile devices, we can now carry out a range of different tasks and functionalities. These include tracking our daily water intake, looking after our aquarium at home and measuring our heart rate. The smartphone has truly revolutionized the way we live and carries on doing so as apps get smarter, and the technology gets better.

We have seen time and again how smartphones and wearable devices are taking health tech a step ahead, especially when combined with advanced technologies like Machine Learning and IoT. Think Apple Watch, which can now detect a fall and contact your loved ones when it doesn't detect any movement for some time after the fall.

Apps have changed and developed far from where they first began. The onset of apps saw them predominantly focused on the entertainment aspect of consumer lifestyles, which is why apps like Candy Crush became so popular. However, smartphone apps have evolved over time. We can now use apps as a way of helping us to stay fit and healthy or as survival tools when out in the wilderness. The reach of apps is endless, and its open-armed integration into our lives has made life easier. Heres a look at some potentially life-saving apps.

Siren GPS

Not many people know this, but when they call for emergency services, the services are not able to track the caller's exact location. This is why they ask an array of location-based questions in best efforts to get exactly where they are needed. Callers can only be tracked to the closest cell phone tower that their call bounces off from, which is why an app like Siren GPS can help. Siren GPS gives first responders direct access to your GPS location, helping them to pinpoint your location in real-time. The app also lets you have two-way communication between two people even when there is poor or no cell phone service.


Much like Siren GPS, What3wrods is a cleverly designed app which helps to exactly locate a mobile device. It is also available for Apple Watch and iPad. The app uses a grid which is made up of 57 trillion squares measuring 3m by 3m each. Each square is assigned a specific three-word combination. The words do not relate to one another in any way making them random. Because of the random combination of words the app can then exactly pinpoint the exact location of the device. The app is great as it can help emergency services locate users better in time of need.

The Merck Manual

The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy is thought to be the world’s best selling medical textbook. it is jam-packed with all the vital health information we need and is the most comprehensive medical textbook to be recognized worldwide. The app is free to download and offers a wealth of information at your fingertips in the palm of your hand, making it one of the best tools to have for survival. The app provides information on simple symptoms such as rashes and bug bites to more severe symptoms like bleeding. Experts from all around the world have written the easy-to-read manual making it a trust-worthy source full of useful life-saving information.

Meningitis Now

The Meningitis Now app is free to download and helps spot the vital signs of Meningitis. The app offers users a full list of signs and symptoms of Meningitis and Septicemia, helping users identify the life-threatening manifestation of it sooner. The app also provides information surrounding the after-effects of the disease and details of free services that are available. Meningitis, if not caught early, can be life-threatening and predominantly occurs in young children which is why this app is especially important for parents with young children. The ability to spot signs early and receive care immediately could mean the difference between life and death.

Allergy FT

Allergies are on the rise. The number of people who now suffer from allergic reactions has worryingly increased over the years. Food allergies are prevalent, and in some cases, can be life-threatening. Allergy FT is a food allergy translator. The app can help users identify up to 62 food allergies and translate them into life-saving warning messages. The app helps users translate their allergies into different languages such as French, German and Spanish. This is a great app for those who love traveling but have allergies.

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