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Smartphone app metrics you should track

One size doesn't always fit when it comes to user metrics. Mobile analytics can open up a clear door of opportunities for you to grow your organization. Generally, knowing your data will lead you to identify your most valuable users, measure your success and acquire and retain users, among other things. Mobile Marketers need to know the accomplishment and breakdown of their Products, to check this they use a set of metrics which come with the Mobile.

Metrics play a vital role and tracking them is very important if you want to know the proper functioning of the app. So, what are the different stages you need to focus on to optimize your mobile app in the best way possible? Some of the mobile app metrics that you need to track are as follows:

App usage and engagement metrics

With increasing competition in the mobile market today, it is essential for the marketers to have a perfect knowledge of how people engage with their app and what makes them continue to use it. Examining the usage and engagement metrics of an app for making an app successful the marketers have to check that how many people use their app.

Basically, they are required to ensure that their app is engaging they have to track down the engagement metrics. Moreover, with the use of popular mobile metrics app analytics tools (such as Flurry, Google analytics, localytics etc.) you can easily measure most of the important usage and engagements metrics.

Time to render

You might have noticed that there is a time gap between when you open the web page and when actually the content you were searching appears on the page. The moment the content appears on the page, the user actually starts getting engaged with the web page and this time period is shown by the engagement metrics. This helps the marketers to know that how much time their site takes to load the content and they can make the site work faster because if it continues to take much time user will leave the site.

Download and Install

To know that how many times your app has been installed is very important because it acts as a base for the other metrics which you have to track. Knowing the number of downloads of your app will help you know that how much popular your app is getting. The download can easily be tracked using Google Analytics. In order to have a perfect understanding of what your target is, it is important to measure how many installs your app receives and from where. The number of installs depends on the type of app and the app store you launched it on.

App Acquisition

Generally, to popularize your apps you use numerous ads and campaigns. To know which one is more effective on people and convince them to download the app is crucial so that you do not waste your time, money and efforts on those ads which give you no result and make the better ads the best. App Acquisition metric gives you an opinion about which of your ads is giving you the most output. Google Analytics as well as Business Analytics platform Mixpanel helps you in tracking app Acquisition.

Time on site

This metric depends completely on your consumer’s behavior. It speaks volume about how much time a user spends on your site. And is your site engaging enough or not. Basically, it informs you about users if they are enjoying your content or not. And if you notice they are leaving your site at once, you may want to provide a better user experience to your customers.

Conversion ratio

In general terms, a conversion rate is defined as the percentage of the audience to a website who are converted by the desired activity. For example, filling out a form, making a purchase etc. Since they are affected by site content changes or marketing campaigns, the conversational rate usually fluctuates. Additionally, it is one of the most important metrics as definitely benefit you in the long run.

Generally, there are various steps that you are required to follow but first of all, you need to make sure that your conversational rate is above 1%. If it is less than 1%, then that’s the area you should focus on improving first. Once you are done with this step in the sequence, you will surely notice your conversion rates improve.

Active users

This metric also measures engagement because it evaluates how many people are active daily and how many users are active each month. Basically, it allows you to segment them, based on specific trends, but you will be able to figure out who dropped from your conversion funnel, enhance engagement, and acquire leads that haven’t joined yet. Tracking your active users gives you an idea about features which need to be implemented in a subsequent version, details of a specific marketing campaign, and the best ways to monetize your app. There are two types of active users which can be segmented into Monthly Active Users (MAU) and Daily Active Users (DAU).

  • DAU measures the number of users who have a session with your app at least once a day
  • MAU is the number of users who have a session at least once a month

App crashes

Number of crashes measures how often the app abruptly closes while it’s being used. There should not be lot of damage if they are recurring. Generally, the average crash rate is 1-2%, however, if it varies with things like usage frequency and app versions, you will need to support your users. These metrics give a clear picture of who uses your app and allows you to differentiate between regular, average, and non-users and formulate strategies to tackle each segment accordingly. In order to avoid this, you should constantly do maintenance to work out any bugs.

Recurring revenue

Do you want to track your revenue to see if you are having success or not? But the question is how much revenue is actually successful? If you want your site to stimulate revenue, make sure you understand how other nine metrics contribute to your bottom line. First of all, watch if your content every day, weekly or monthly revenue streams are on track to reach your goals. Since there are several ways to calculate revenue such as Annual recurring revenue, Monthly recurring revenue, you can easily determine which parts of your sales funnel fail and recognize the areas with most potential to improve your revenue.

Still unsure which metrics to track or how? Get in touch today.

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