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Saving your app from App Store Rejection

Most Apps Get REJECTED Because Of

How to ensure your iOS apps are NOT rejected from New Generation Applications
Saving your apps from rejection from newgenapps

  • Poor app quality
  • Non-conformance to new regulations (lack of awareness)
  • Not enough value proposition for the end user
  • Not enough use of iOS SDK to make it eligible for being released as native

App Quality

  • User interface MUST be acceptable
  • No crashes - check on all OS versions and devices which your app supports
  • Features advertised must actually work - no discrepancies
  • Releasing an app just to get user feedback? Don’t - beta versions, demos are not welcome
  • Don’t mislead users - no hidden features or gathering user data without permission

App Content

  • Do not infringe trademarks or copyrights
  • No defamatory content against people, groups, religions
  • Don’t have objectionable or crude content
  • If its music/video/book, don’t release as an app
  • Using in-app purchase for unlocking any content used outside the app will result in rejection
  • Using any mechanism other than in-app purchase to unlock content used in apps will result in rejection
  • Users must not be charged to use in-built features like camera, accelerometer or for receiving notifications

User Interface

  • UI must comply with Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • App must not look similar to Apple apps
  • Apps must not simulate dashboards/multi-widget experiences

User Data

  • Do not get user details (email etc) unless absolutely needed for app’s functioning
  • User MUST be given an option to skip registration if app’s core features do not require it
  • User privacy is of utmost importance - don’t share anything without their permission

Common Mistakes

  • Your app should not store user-generated content (which can be easily recreated) to iCloud
  • Starting 1st May, 2013, apps must support iPhone 5 resolution (no letter-boxing)
  • Apps targeting children MUST ask for a simple verification when taking them outside the app (to ensure the parent initiated it)
  • Apps must conform to local laws when releasing apps
  • Apps collecting donations for recognized charities MUST be free
  • Push notifications must not be used for advertising/promotions

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