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SAS Review - What is it, Pros, Cons, and Suitability

SAS Review - What is it, Pros, Cons, and Suitability

Statistical Analysis Systems is a product suite created by SAS Institute that performs multivariate investigations, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management, and various different duties. It’s utilized for quite a while by several significant organization.

A group of SAS procedure statements is called a PROC step. SAS procedures analyze data in SAS data sets to produce statistics, tables, reports, charts, and plots, to create SQL queries, and to perform other analyses and operations on your data. SAS procedures also give you ways to manage and print SAS files.

Because of its edge features, SAS is an extremely favored device. It has a gigantic job market as well. There are numerous explanations behind which this is favored over Python and R programming languages. Yet, it is likewise obvious that there are a few confinements of SAS that are overwhelmed by R and Python.

So let's dig into the Review to find more about the business intelligence product.

Statistical Analysis Software is a program utilized for analytical practice. It is a great asset of technical data on SAS programming and improvement. However, is ordinarily deficient with regards to data on the non-technical business team. On the one hand, we understand how to carry out our tasks and how to enhance our aptitudes. On the contrary, we need to know how to augment our benefits while performing in a moral way. Both are the flip sides of a similar coin.

SAS is an incorporated system of software applications that empower you to play out the given jobs:

  • Data entry, Recovery, and Administration
  • Mathematical and Statistical analysis
  • Graphic Designs and Report writing
  • Business anticipating and decision guidance
  • Operations Research
  • Project Management
  • Applications Advancement

How you utilize SAS relies on what you need to achieve. A few people utilize a lot of the capacities of the system, and others utilize just a couple of them.

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Why use SAS?

The SAS Business Intelligence and Analytical Solution was presented for the vast companies to investigate their substantial data sets in a visually engaging organization. It is a data researching tool that is utilized progressively in Machine learning algorithms, Data Science, and Business Intelligence purposes and analytics software. Not just it implements the company with every fundamental device to screen the key BI metrics yet additionally delivers strong analysis and overall reports for its leaders to settle on adequately informed decisions.


Use SAS foremost to build and execute numerous prescient models over the business units. Not exclusively does it let you have brisk and simple model development, though the time it takes to refine the data between small or large data sets is generally related so data set size isn't a problem.

Moreover, use SAS and SAS Office Analytics to make a savvy reporting program through the SAS Web Portal and Microsoft Office products. This enables the enterprise to transfer critical information and data to non-SAS clients through mechanized procedures.

Likewise, it has an immaculate format style influencing the final drafts to look exceptionally decent and simple to understand. We can likewise get to any data source utilizing the ODBC association that accompanies with SAS Office Analytics. So, getting to the data from any database or server isn't at all a problem.

Also, SAS Mobile BI assists the executives and business managers access the reports and dashboards from remote places or when traveling.

Suitability of SAS Software

The chief purpose is to process complex raw data and produce significant insights. This supports the organization to make valid decisions. Three features of implementing this software that makes it suitable for multiple business plans are:

1. Business Intelligence

It alludes to systems and innovations utilized by any business for data examination of business data. It gives bits of knowledge in regards to present, predictive and historical perspectives of business working. The analysis of information helps the senior board with a range of decision making.

2. Multivariate Analysis

The Multivariate Analysis recognizes and analyses different statistical factors of a result in the meantime. Advanced analytics multivariate is utilized as a part of this examination. It utilizes different examinations which delineate the impact of variable parts on a single outcome. It incorporates analysis of factor investigation, multiple relapses, and bi-variate analysis.

3. Predictive Analytics

As the name recommends Predictive Analysis utilizes an effectively accessible information to anticipate what's to come. It utilizes the different statistical strategies to draw inductions. It interprets each and every element creating the variation, client perspective, hidden reasoning in the text, and so on. Here predictive model overworks pattern found in historical information to recognize the threat.


Pros of SAS

SAS has been a predominant performer in the business analytics space. It has a decent graphical User Interface and an enormous collection of statistical capacities and also data research capacities. As a result of its huge role in the market, there are numerous optional tools that support it notwithstanding the great technical assistance it provides. There is additionally numerous other programming applications interface with it.

Key advantages include -

Simple to learn

SAS has a simple to learn syntax. It can be adapted effectively by one with no programming aptitudes. Coding is in the class of basic statements. It can solve very complicated issues that could not be solved earlier. It is such as training a machine how to perform.

Potential to deal with extensive database

SAS has a powerful capacity to deal with extensive database effectively. You can add new possibilities, manage huge volumes of data and make the proper choices.

Simple to debug

It is an extremely understandable language. It can be effectively debugged. Its log window apparently expresses the mistake which can be comprehended and revised.

Analyzed algorithms

The algorithm executed in the SAS program is completely analyzed and tested. Each adaptation of SAS is first examined in a controlled domain, before discharged. This is conceivable as the SAS is a closed reference language. One can produce a time-sensitive and high-value determination by pulling in-memory analytics.

SAS Customer assistance

SAS having a place with an organization has legitimate monitoring. It's an entire association. It has an exceptionally unconstrained customer assistance. As SAS is a closed source tool, it must be altered by the SAS organization. No outside debasement is conceivable. All issues are taken care of SAS customer assistance.

Cons of SAS

SAS doesn't renew with new features as fast as R, yet its announcements are fully tested before being discharged. You may not get new specs as early as they appear in R. However, you can be guaranteed they work.

You can relocate data to make statistical models rapidly. Nonetheless, you can't utilize the program to make complex graphical plots without a great deal of exertion.

Key disadvantages of SAS incorporate -

SAS isn't open source

R has constantly actualized new algorithm identified with machine learning more rapidly than SAS. The primary reason is R can be controlled by anybody as it is open source, yet this not valid for SAS.

SAS works in a closed domain. In this way, the algorithms utilized as a part of SAS systems are not made open to utilize generally. They are accessible in the licensed variant. They are not accessible transparently for public research. It requires seamless integration with other external software such as R.

Improper graphic representation

R has a more prominent accessibility for cutting-edge graphics. Its designs introduction is much more striking and perfect than SAS. It has more detailed plots, diagrams, and charts.

Troublesome than R

SAS is, even more, a procedural language as compared to the R. It has a greater number of lines of codes than R. New advancements like machine learning and statistical learning are more immediately connected in R than in SAS. Numerous packages that are free in R but are paid in SAS. For instance, Text mining, Time series forecasting (SAS/ETS), and so on.

Troublesome Text Mining

Text mining is free in R, however, in SAS, it utilizes SAS venture. Text mining implies extricating data from content. It follows interpreting a written code. It reveals to you what the written content can induce as per the decision making. It is the procedure in which content changes over to data for analysis and decision making.


One noteworthy drawback of SAS is the cost. The cost for SAS Business Intelligence can prove to be slightly restrictive. Being in a closed domain, it is a total programming in itself. But an individual can't utilize its every application without an appropriate license.

The progress of a business relies on how properly it is conceived and performed. It’s certainly necessary for the business officials and managers to know the crux of the industry and grasp it thoroughly.

Thus, Business Intelligence and Analytics have turned into a need for all large and medium scale organizations around the world. SAS is a pioneer in this space holding a great place in the overall industry for cutting-edge research. The interest for SAS BI and Analytics experts are on a lofty ascent as an ever-increasing number of organizations are receiving SAS BI and Analytics programming all over the globe.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics is such a field whose development will never stop to increment. In this manner, being implemented with the understanding of one of the market pioneers, SAS, will guarantee a steady future for the experts and companies both.

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