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The future of Sales Automation - Video Bots

Chatbots and artificial intelligence have taken over the business world immensely well and at a fast pace. This buzz is going to a whole new level with their addition to the sales process. The automation of sales has to be the talk of the town for 2018. And in future, it is going to be improved with new techniques and implementation. It also helps in improving the efficiency of the sales team along with short cycle for sales, fewer administrative tasks and helps in generating more leads.

It might sound foreign for many people but bots have managed to take the sales process to a new level.

Evolution of Sales

More than 50% of activities of sales are completed with automated tools or software. This is all thanks to artificial intelligence that have managed to take sales to a new level. However, there is no need to worry about jobs for sales just because of automation. There was a time when only 40% of the time was invested in actual sales and other in a non-revenue task. This automation is to help in eliminating the requirement of 60% of the time and then investing it in sales.

However, sales work is much more than that 50% that is automated. This is here to make the work more efficient and ideal for a sales rep. If anything, a sales rep can concentrate on another task while software is handling less important tasks. They can easily analyse the work with the help of data. This stored data can help in getting insight and then run a successful campaign accordingly.

Hence, the future of sales rep doesn’t require any handling of spreadsheet or forms but it is more of capturing leads intelligently and planning campaigns strategically. There is no need to call every single individual on the list just to make sure that they might be the true prospect. The sales rep can devote their time to better activities behind the scene and let bots manage the work to enhance the quality of work.

Video Bots

We have seen and used chatbots in the year 2018. They have been nothing but a huge success, especially in the e-commerce world. However, in 2019, we will be able to take a bot to a new level with the addition of video bots. They are here to help customer service, sales and marketing. It is even more than that with the evolution of the sale process.

When the audience will visit a website, it comes as a huge opportunity to get in touch with them. But there are times when they shut down the chatting box without giving any heads to it. This problem is solved with video bot. it has the ability to hook the attention of a prospect and convert it into a lead. The video has that potential in it and you never know that it might give a solution to a customer. This will make the audience opt for more details without wasting a second.

Why Video Bots are the future

There is no doubt that video bot is managing to grab attention at a wider aspect. Even in the testing phase, it has grabbed a lot of fan following and even companies are coming up with such ideas. This system is eliminating the requirement of smiling and dialing. Instead, it gives an opportunity to let the message do all the work and have a proper real-time demo. There are a few things that are overcome with the help of video bots.

1. Change in customer service expectation

The customers are now more than ready to see what you are offering to them. On top of that, smart technology allows a customer to explore their options. Hence, it is becoming difficult to hook their attention at a single point in the distracted world. They don’t like to wait and require an option that is available to them at every beck and call. Hence, comes the bot.

They have the ability to be there for a customer around the clock as per their requirement and convince. With the help of video bot, one doesn’t have to arrange a demo of the product or service at midnight. Customers can simply explore the actual video to get the work done. On top of that, artificial intelligence is working to make it more intelligent so that they can answer the queries of a customer easily and efficiently with no requirement of manual work. Hence, this assistance is becoming more popular with time.

2. Natural Language

It has changed the progress of the whole set easily with the addition of an intelligent system. The natural language is improving with time. It made chatbots in the earlier time and now they have moved a step up with the introduction of video bots. In addition to this, the ideal time frame is also improving as per the deployment rate to make it much better when it comes to store information and solve queries.

3. Ease of developing and deploying

Yes, with technology advancement, companies are easily coming up with different ideas to implement video bots. They are leaning over motion artificial intelligence to follow the best possible solution. Also, AI has made it possible that we don’t have to demystify the whole bot establishment process. It is easy to develop and deploy on the website while working to achieve goals.

4. Personalized sales

Well, video bots are covering everything to make the user experience its motto. It works and analyses the data that a company already have to come up with a best possible solution. Also, the data is collected and modified in order to cover the essential aspect of customization. It can easily intensify the data usability with the help of customer and prospects demand. Then they can send out emails with the setup of a video bot to make it convenient. Once, the video is drafted properly with emails or on the website, then they can start with the calling context.

5. Easy and efficient sales

Bots have made it easy for sale team to overcome major flaws and work on meeting the demands. It is also helping in managing the leads and answering the question that is frequently asked. Now, image the bot that can actually show these answers as a demo to make it more understandable. Yes, this is what video bot is going to do. Major giants such as Facebook, Skype, are working to make this possible. You can consider bots as human only but they have much more automated task instead of working manually. The data is modified as per the data that is saved in the system. This help is using all the valued resources and saving a lot of time.

Chatbots and video bots are not here to replace human jobs. They are just trying to make the work easier and efficient for the sale and marketing team. Also, they are trying to convert the lead into a client with the right words and conversation. With the help of bots, we are simply eradicating complexity and helping in improving the quality of sales.

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