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Remembering Steve Jobs

Hi Team

Yesterday was a sad day. We woke up in India on Dushera to hear that Steve Jobs had passed away. I have been in a state of shock and disbelief. My mind has been numb, as I could not accept the fact, that the man I have idolized since my childhood was no more.

Steve Jobs was the greatest Entrepreneur, Visionary and CEO of our times. He created Apple and all the products which changed the world for the better. We at NewGenApps owe it all to Steve. If it were not for Steve, and his products, we would not have been able to build this company.

All our success is because of this visionary who walked this earth.

Steve Jobs has been hailed for many qualities. But the ones I admired most was his belief in his vision and supreme determination. Here was a man who created one of the most successful technology companies my his mid twenties, and was thrown out of his own company when he was 30. Twelve years later he came back to Apple and against all odds, he went on to make it the biggest company in the world.

People doubted his vision, ridiculed him, but he always had a belief in his vision to change the world, and through sheer determination did it.   Probably the greatest reward for an entrepreneur is when their vision is realized, when people start seeing and believing in what the entrepreneur saw all along. It is fitting, that Steve Jobs left us, after realizing his vision, when we all could just gaze in awe as to what the master had accomplished, we could finally see what he had known all along, when all critics fell silent , ashamed at the smallness of their actions.

Steve Jobs was a master of timing,even in death, he left a day after the iPhone 4S was released. He left at the top and thats how it should be.  

Steve, the NewGenApps Team and I are forever grateful to you. Your's was a life worth living.May your soul rest in peace. I am pretty sure you are already working with God to design a better afterlife for all of us.  


Anurag Rastogi

CEO NewGenApps

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