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Python in 2019

Python in 2019


With time, Python has managed to go to a whole new level. Over a decade, it has managed to gain huge importance in terms of the development world. In the present time, coders are actively working with python and gaining a lot of popularity. People are opting for this option and developers are learning the whole concept of python. Especially if you are someone that actively work in web development and web programming niche then you might know that it is one of the essential tools.

In addition to this, it has gained popularity over time among data scientists and startup companies. The main reason for this immense popularity is the security that is taken at the top notch. This language also has light and logical features that can server number of benefit. If anything, companies considered it as one of the top coding languages that have become impactful over years. The developers are also getting involved in it for a lot of years making it a topmost language.

There is no doubt that python has added value to our operating systems taking things to an advanced level with incredible management. Especially when it comes to Anaconda, then no one can put up a question on how it has changed our lives. Then there is an additional benefit of simple and clean syntax that have added value with the mass library. These are well managed with the help of the community such as SciPy, Pandas and NumPy, etc.

In simple works, experienced and beginners, both have access to the code on a high level. These line of codes are mainly from anyone or from some of the skilled experts that deals in web development. Here are the topmost things that we will be able to view in 2019 when it comes to a python programming language.

1. Web scraping

When it comes to extracting data from any of the social media site or webpages, well, it is certainly not an easy task or a cake walk. In such a case, web scraping is used when it comes to data retrieving. This made the online work easy with the help of tools that are included in Python. There are different tools in python that are used such as BeautifulSoup – bs4. This tool helps in retrieving information that is relevant as per the search. It also put up the request in the library that can easily extract a content part from web pages.

Extracting output from the source file is followed by the use of CSS selectors that help in extracting the table that might lie under the tag of HTML <div> that might have different attributes including entry-content. Then, the data is used in the find method that helps in the whole extracting process.

2. Data visualization

Data science is one of the most essential fields that is now followed up in the industries. There are different tools that are used to solve problems in data science. Hence comes data visualization in play that helps the scientist a lot. As a matter of fact, when it comes to collect data and put them in a format, it can take a lot of time. Now, it might confuse some people to know where python is even used when it comes to Data Visualization.

Python programming language, the best advantage is a clean dataset that is used in the coding. For instance, the coders depend on matplotlib and seaborn for data visualization work. There are a different data frame that is used to get the visualized form of data set. This will gives a horizontal bar work with all the complex form covered up automatically through command. It allows one to have accurate work with the help of different practice.

In addition to this, there are many other benefits that fall under python and data visualization. It allows an individual to work on the project effectively especially when it comes to data science work. This type of web development is used in a way that works well with python and is going to grow in 2019.

3. Regular Expressions

This type of expression is used when it comes to the work of parsing data. This type of phase makes data extraction an easier task. The whole process work in a definite pattern that allows an individual to easily work on the text string. This type of phrase helps in easy matches of return that works on the string work. However, there are few strings that contain special characters as well making them unique or different pattern. This determines the whole concept of content matching and works on the easy interpretation of workflow.

Now, if you are confused on ways to use python in such scenario then you need to know that string parsing requires some major tools. These tools are covered up in the data work through python only. This type of work is done in mainly three phrases that work as the extraction in a specific order. However, this is done via three essential part of the whole setup that can be named, institution/company, and marks/salaries.

This data is then retrieved in a form of the table allowing easy comprehension. This is used for a number of purposes such a split and join, slicing, etc. as per the results setup. This type of data can be transformed in an easy format to make it readable for the users. Data extraction is made easy with the help of these regular expressions when in a specific framework. Now, companies are using Panda for python programming that allows developers to work on the complex program as well.

Some other things to look forward to with Python in 2019

When it comes to python language then there are many things that will fall into place such as:

  • Browser Automation
  • Function Decorators
  • Robotics
  • Machine Learning
  • Scientific & Numeric computing

Many people considered python as the static language that will not show any change in future. However, the fact is that there are so many things that are made possible due to the use of python only. These changes are making us witness the ever-changing world of python with the help of possibilities. There are many different things that are possible in this world that are making it interesting with time.

Especially when it comes for data science then we can witness in this evolving world. This is making it possible for us to capture the essence of the Python language in an authentic manner. The tools that are used in industries are changing the game and the whole dynamic of an industry that is witnessed on an average with the help of python. This language is going to replace top languages in near future with its set of advantages.

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