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Pros And Cons Of Social Media Marketing vs. Online Marketing

Pros And Cons Of Social Media Marketing vs. Online Marketing

The global Internet network unites almost the entire population of civilized countries. Those who do not search for information in the World Wide Web space are becoming less and less. Practically all, without exception, companies want not to miss the opportunity to convey their message to such a large audience, and this is where the question arises – what is the best way to do this? Internet marketing for these situations exists. This article will look at the pros and cons of social media marketing vs. online marketing.

Pros of social media marketing

Most marketers and entrepreneurs claim that social media is an essential tool for any business these days. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become influential players in digital marketing. Why?

  1. Compared to other online and offline marketing approaches, social media is still one of the cheapest ways to reach your target audience. This is the first thing that makes them incredibly attractive to most companies. You can create an account on these platforms for free and use the tools offered without prepayment.
  2. This is the perfect place to grow your brand. People go to social networks every day and spend a decent amount of time there. Just think, thousands and millions of potential customers are gathered in one place. You don't need to look for them to introduce your brand. You need to sort them correctly. Thanks to social networks, you can communicate with potential and regular customers, thus building trusting relationships with them.
  3. Reach a vast audience. Social media is an excellent tool if you want to succeed in your niche. One of the main advantages of social media marketing over traditional channels is reaching a huge audience without any problems. This is a huge open market filled with both existing and potential customers.

Cons of social media marketing

Advertising in social networks will gradually lose popularity. Our contemporaries have become so accustomed to advertising that they even ceased to feel irritated because they learned not to notice it. Sociological studies show that Internet users often ignore ads, paying attention to only 12% of ads. It has become easier to reach users with the help of this type of Internet marketing, such as thematic groups, publics on Twitter, Vkontakte, on Facebook. Marketers try to attract the audience by posting helpful information directly or indirectly related to the advertised product.

However, social networks are not willing to publish ads for free. Therefore, all advertising messages posted without appropriate agreement with the resource administration are banned. This is not happening all over the place yet. Facebook has already reduced the number of posts of advertising content displayed in the news. And these measures are justified. Users of social networks are also unpleasant to see in the news feed obvious intrusive advertising information, which is not what they subscribed to particular groups for.

To get the results you want, you need to be patient, consistent, and experienced. Without specific knowledge, the risk of losing a significant amount of money increases, which, in turn, will become even more than the previously allocated budget. Sometimes expenses and income alone are difficult to track. However, despite the existing disadvantages, the positives still outweigh them. Most of the shortcomings can be eliminated by delegating this work to specialists.

Pros of online marketing

Online marketing aims to increase a company's profits by converting website visitors into buyers. You need to perform several actions to promote goods and services on the network to do this. Thanks to the SEO company engaged in search engine optimization, it became possible to minimize the promotion cost and use the communication channels that give the most excellent effect.

Interactivity has appeared. This is one of the main unique benefits of online marketing. This allows you to receive, process the user's request, and respond to it in the shortest possible time (a few minutes or seconds). This is how a quick two-way dialogue between the company and the client is carried out.

Another advantage of the online market is that it allows you to increase consumer involvement in creating a brand (corporate image) of a company. The interactive nature of the network plays an important role here, thanks to which customers can constantly engage in dialogue with the organization. Thus, they cease to be autonomous objects to apply marketing efforts and turn into partners. Customers' interests in online marketing are gaining in importance as they now buy products and help the company improve. In online business, the consumer acts as a partner for the company, helping it achieve its goals through mutually beneficial cooperation.

Last but not least, the advantage is the role of the geographic boundaries of the market. This allows companies to seamlessly attract customers worldwide to their site (of course, where there is access to the network). The consumer's location does not matter - the advertisement can be sent by e-mail or placed directly on the corporate website.

Cons of online marketing

Unfortunately, it is pretty tricky to predict the result of online promotion, and it is entirely impossible to guarantee a quick return. Despite all its advantages, online marketing is a complex and lengthy process. Its main disadvantages:

  1. The risk of hacking payment systems or disclosing the personal data of customers.
  2. Low recoil rate. Online marketing is aimed at a long-term perspective and starts from the formation and development stage of a brand, a gradual growth of consumer confidence.
  3. Lack of qualified specialists in online marketing, which is the reason for the low quality of the services they provide (this situation is gradually changing.)
  4. Initial investments for future profit. These investments can be used in various directions: developing hypotheses, hiring employees, decorating the site, etc. They should be immediately included in the balance sheet as a cost item. Some experts believe that monthly investments in online marketing are required for a guaranteed result, and their minimum amount should be 10% of income.
  5. A systemic drawback is the product's virtuality. It cannot be touched or physically tested. High-quality photographs and videos of the object of sale are used, but they may not be enough to solve this problem.
  6. Limited audience size. Not all users are ready to shop online, although the percentage of shoppers is steadily increasing.
  7. Scale. The Internet space is vast and contains a tremendous amount of nonsense. It can be pretty challenging to find the valuable and necessary information.

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of online marketing, it should be recognized that it positively impacts the business. Therefore, organizations make many efforts to develop this type of commerce further, eliminate its disadvantages, and increase the benefits.


Every marketer has an idea of how to attract a customer. Someone makes the main bets on social networks, SEO-optimization of the site, writing articles, and someone on the paid attraction of traffic to the site, working with potential customers, interacting with the target audience, using other marketing moves to conclude deals. The choice is always huge, and this is your main advantage.

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