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Progressive mobile apps are the new trend


Mobile applications have been progressing our lives continuously in the past years. For business and personal uses, they are extremely valuable. They are regarded for all types of app-building companies as a major opportunity. 

Mobile apps are expected to make roughly $188.9 Billion US dollars in profits in the year 2020. So, it's far quite obvious to anyone that the destiny of mobile app development in 2020 and beyond is going to reinforce consistently and also the upcoming updates in new mobile apps are assuredly boosting the businesses and end-user to search and get everything in anyplace easily.

Now let’s talk about the progressive mobile apps that will get the future of mobile application development that are going to boost the industry.

Impact of AI & Machine Learning

AI for the foremost half has created itself manifest within the kind of chatbots, while Siri, the mixture of machine learning furthermore as computer science is currently an awfully a lot of a part of mobile app innovations that can't be separated now. And in this decade, the ability of AI & Machine Learning won't be simply restricted to Chatbots and Siri.

Many organizations have already started to grasp AI app development to grow to gain further as decrease operational expenses in varied forms. In fact, consistent with IDC, over 75% of employees of the United Nations agency are mistreatment ERP solutions can currently leverage the capabilities of AI to expand their proficiency in geographical point. This means, not solely AI & Machine Learning have deep roots in today’s mobile apps, however, they have a major chance of innovation in future furthermore.

Just starting with AR/VR

AR and VR, each is cool! There's little question about this. However, in 2020, their use cases won't be restricted to simply recreation applications any longer.

Tech giants are already innovating a lot of new use cases for each. For example, Google and Apple each are emotional new square measure demos on their latest devices, that is that the proof that AR/VR goes to be a game-changer within the close to future. These technologies also are foretold to see on social platforms for disapproval furthermore as targeting potential customers through ‘Beyond The Screens’ AR/VR apps.

For example, Snapchat and Instagram have already discharged their square measure filters which will flip an individual's face into varied digital funny characters.

Mobile wallets - a real game changer

There is little question regarding the fact that the demand for Mobile Payment answer app development is on the rise, and with security being the highest most concern among developers, the usage of mobile wallets is simply getting to increase within the year 2020.

Resistance payment ways are what today’s customers like to see within the mobile apps that they use. So, in 2020, mobile wallets furthermore as payment entrance integration that provides the highest level of secured encoding can become thought altogether varieties of mobile apps.

On-demand development apps

The on-demand business model was once wanted to be known as an associate degree inevitable bubble within the world of mobile apps. But today, On-demand is that the future. Most industries have embraced on-demand like associate degree old flame, and no business goes to abandoning such a sure-fire business model in 2020. To date, 42% of the adult population has used a minimum of one on-demand service. And, there's no proof that this on-demand trend goes to change state anytime before long. All in all, the on-demand app development trend is here to remain, and therefore the businesses which will not adapt, are undoubtedly getting to get crushed by their competition.

Cloud - mandatory part of future mobile apps

Though several still think about Cloud to be a luxury possibility, however in 2020, that won’t be the case any longer. The globe has already started awakening to the advantages of furthermore as prospects that Cloud must supply. For example, reducing prices in hosting, improved loading capability, and efficient business operations are solely many edges Cloud provides.

Nowadays, several security-related considerations are being solved with the assistance of the Cloud, creating mobile app development safer, fast, and reliable. Plus, with the assistance of Cloud technology like Dropbox, AWS, SlideRocket, and plenty of additional, it's currently attainable to develop powerful apps that run directly on the Cloud. That means we should always conjointly expect additional such powerful apps, requiring the lowest cupboard space from smartphones to be discharged in 2020.


Beacons aren't very a brand innovation any longer. There are currently varied industries together with Museums, Hotels, Healthcare, etc. that use Beacons technology in their applications. we predict it’s safe to mention that Beacons technology has become additionally reprehensible for common users.

However, their use cases won't be restricted to those in 2020. Beacons have a way larger capability than that. For example, Beacons combined with IoT in retail will facilitate users with valuable info concerning sales furthermore as an alternative in progress promos that they'll realize inside their neck of the woods.

Mobile connected smart objects

The word ‘smart things’ or the ‘smart objects’ was created by comparatively new technology – the Internet of Things. conjointly referred to as IoT, it's essentially a network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, physics, and software packages that are all interconnected inside the network itself.

For instance, Samsung, Xiaomi, Bosch, Honeywell, and plenty of alternative big brands holding a giant market share already. And many of those recent IoT app development trends embrace Kisi sensible Lock, Nest sensible Home, Google Home, etc. Overall, the IoT is taken into account to be one amongst the sport dynamical technology within the world of mobile application development. The worldwide IoT market is predicted to get $1.335 Trillion USA bucks in revenue by the year 2020.


There is no denying the fact that the market of Wearables business is experiencing a rapid climb. In fact, consistent with Statista, wearable devices are expected to achieve over $44.2 Billion by the end of 2020. This means, there's not the solely evident quantity of investment taken to the wearable market, however within the future, the word wearable devices can become even as superfluous because the word smartphone without delay is.

Today, the most electrical device of any wearable device is the smartphone. It means, to form a wearable the devices should be paired with it and that they conjointly must be in close proximity. But, consistent with the Co-Founder of UNA, Ryan Craycraft, our smartphone cannot be the most hub any longer within the close to future. The wearable app development can have an additional omnipresent affiliation on the net and should be even to our body.

We believe that staying up-to-date with the latest trends furthermore as technologies are that the key to maintaining with ever dynamical client demands as well because of the competition. and that we hope that with this journal, we’ve shared nice insights for how progressive mobile apps are the new trend in the industry?

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