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Notifications can be sent for AWS directory Service using Amazon SNS

Amazon Simple Notification Service also known as Amazon SNS can now be used to receive notifications such as emails and text messages when the AWS Directory Service status changes from "Active" state to "Non-Active" and vice versa.

This is performed through topics that are being collected and distributed to subscribers. As soon as there is a change in state of directory’s status, AWS Directory Service publishes a message to the associated topic, this topic is then sent to relevant topic subscribers.

Not only this, setting up, operating, and sending notifications to the cloud is also done through this service. This mechanism of delivering messages to subscribers is very cost effective. Amazon SNS works on the pub-sub (public-subscribe) algorithm which uses push mechanism for directory notifications. Using push mechanism there is no need to keep “polling” a node to periodically check for new updates or any critical information.

Another advantage that this service offers is that it provides easy and smooth running of Microsoft Active Directory (AD) in the AWS Cloud. The compatibility of connection of the AWS resources with an existing on-premises Microsoft active directory is also done through this service. Additionally, easy user management is another asset that SNS service brings along.

All in all, Amazon SNS is a flexible, quick, completely managed pub-sub messaging service, also used as cloud-based mobile app notification service providing better operability to the users.

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