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NewGenApps Tech News- Yes, Apple will approve Google Maps for iOS

  1. The unstoppable rise of smartphones and tablets will see 1.2 billion of the devices being bought worldwide next year, analyst Gartner is predicting. For more read Gartner: 1.2 Billion Smartphones, Tablets To Be Bought Worldwide In 2013; 821 Million This Year: 70% Of Total Device Sales
  2. The tech blogosphere (CNET included) went into a mild panic today over a report in the Guardian saying that a native Google Maps app for iOS would "struggle for Apple approval." For more read Yes, Apple will approve Google Maps for iOS
  3. Apple Inc. (AAPL) is exploring ways to replace Intel Corp. (INTC) processors in its Mac personal computers with a version of the chip technology it uses in the iPhone and iPad, according to people familiar with the company’s research. For more story read Apple Said to Be Exploring Switch From Intel for Mac
  4. New numbers by IHS iSuppli show that Microsoft is making an almost 53 percent profit on each tablet sold, while Apple's profits are just over 44 percent on its most comparable iPad. Microsoft's Surface a bigger moneymaker than Apple's iPad?
  5. The Android operating system celebrates its fifth birthday with half a billion activations and counting on a "Galaxy" of different devices. Five years of Android by the numbers
  6. Instagram, the photo-sharing service, is rolling out profile pages, as announced on the company's blog. Instagram Introduces Profile Pages And They Look A Lot Like Facebook

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