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NewGenApps Tech News-IPad Mini Launched, Review- Galaxy Note II

  1. Apple Inc. has announced the all new iPad Mini and refreshed its many other products at a special event at San Jose. If you happened to miss the important bits of this event, then here is everything that you need to know Everything Apple Inc. (AAPL) Revealed On 23 Oct’s iPad Mini Event
  2. We can’t give a definitive verdict on the iPad mini until we’ve played around with it ourselves. But just looking at the device’s overall design compared with other tablets in the seven-inch display range, it appears that Apple has once again set the standard for how tablets should look and feel, just as it’s been doing since the first iPad came out. The iPad mini shows that apple still does tablets like no one else.
  3. Samsung’s Galaxy Note II picks up where the original Note smartphone left off, and it’s better in almost every way. To know read Samsung Galaxy Note II review
  4. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) will be constrained in a contest against Apple Inc. (AAPL) in the market for handheld computers by unveiling a tablet that doesn’t work with some of the most widely used downloadable applications. Microsoft's Surface Tablet Lacks Apps to Compete With IPad
  5. At $329, the iPad Mini may be too rich for many consumers' blood. In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon offers some advice on which "mini" tablet to choose this holiday season. Read Which mini tablet is right for you?

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