NewGenApps does it again - App Wins the Apple Store Rewind 2011 Award

Today is a proud day for us at NewGenApps. We have done it again.

An app developed by us in the role of development partners has been declared as one of the top 5 Education apps for 2011 by Apple.

The 'letterlegger' app developed by NewGenApps won the App Store Rewind 2011 award and was featured on the Dutch app store main page. The App has also been a Top 10 Educational appfor more than a year now. We are proud of this achievement and this is a testament to our

  • Tremendous iOS and mobile app development expertise built over the course of developing more than 750 apps
  • Laser sharp Client Focus
  • Superior app development processes, and superior mobile apps quality assurance processes
  • Focus on recruiting the best people

This solidifies our credentials as one of the premier and most experienced developer of mobile apps.

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