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NewGenApps Adventurous Trip

After so many choices that came out for a company holiday, Rishikesh came out as a winner and no doubt it was the perfect one.

Wildex Expeditions

It was a breathtaking experience, full of life, adventure, and action. We completely enjoyed each and every moment of the Trip.

We landed at Haridwar at 4:50 A.M on a Saturday morning, it was breezy with a slight pinch of cold. A pre-booked bus was waiting there which took us all the way through dense forests of Rajaji National Park to our Destination ‘Camp Wildex’. Adventure began just as we reached the camp. We had to climb down about a kilometer on a rocky path to reach the camp. But never mind the hard work, the outcome was worth it as Camp Wildex turned out to be a real surprise.

Camp Wildex was an isolated and hidden riverside nature camp far from the highway. We all were in love with the scenic beauty of the place. The pleasant sound of the rapids about 50 mts from the camp, echoes from the valley and camping around such an amazing natural surroundings is a lifetime experience in itself. The tents used in the camp were designed very carefully for a comfortable and pleasing  stay. Food was delicious and hats off to the kind of service the attendants provided.

Wildex camp

Our enthusiasm doubled as we stepped into the chilling water of Him River right after landing at the camp. We splashed water at each other, attempted to stand in rapids, clicked snaps of each other in awkward positions and had loads of fun.

After breakfast we went for our first adventure of the day - Rock Climbing and Rappelling. We were exhausted after the activity. Thank God it was a lunch time. We all enjoyed a delicious meal and ate as much as we could to gear up for the next adventure. After a satisfying meal we were in a state to take a short nap and just then our guide arrived and informed that we had to go for our second activity in ten minutes. We had to trekk for about 45 minutes on a narrow and rugged mountain terrain. The path was really narrow and steep. As we reached the top we found ourselves in a different world! It was a splendid waterfall.

The echo of falling water  was really magical and the chilled water helped us sooth our exhausted limbs. The day ended with a Bonfire. We all danced away and enjoyed to the hilt. Then we went to the river to have a relaxing time along the rocky river bed.


The next day was the most adventurous one. We were all set for a thrilling White-water Rafting expedition. Ganga was on top of its flow. We had to hit many hard and soft rapids with really interesting names - Return to the Center, Golf Course :) All of us were shouting and screaming to motivate each other. As we crossed one rapid after another our confidence went up and up. Our rafting guides were our real heros at that moment. Rafting was a real thrill. All of us enjoyed a lot.

River rafting

Our last destination was Har Ki Pauri at Haridwar. We got a chance to see the splendid Ganga Arti. We all prayed for our better lives. It was such a divine feeling.

And then it was time say goodbye, as we had to catch the train back.

It was a lifetime experience for Newgenapps family and the team made it a special one.

Waiting desperately for the next trip! Here's hoping its as exciting if not more than this one!

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