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New Mobile Apps For Managing Condominium Buildings

Roll out to Condo buildings from wherever you reside with property management apps that represent units. These mobile apps will connect you to the building’s services, amenities, and neighborhood. To know which property management is the best, decide on what you want.

These property managers, occupants, and landowners access their information on devices from different areas. With these applications' offices, one can make solicitations, analyze installments, and find lease installments and property. The portable board applications help proprietors and landowners work and post the opening advertisements.

Thus, proposing requests for maintenance and paying rent are made easier for tenants. The apps manage agreement of contracts, expenses, immediate financial reports, and other work orders. Traversing local mobile apps is one of the ways to go for possible buyers of property management apps.

Perks Of Having Condo Management Mobile Apps

Get the expert advice of property management apps when looking for condo management for yourself.

Data is synced with the cloud

Accessing the information through their mobile lets their data sync in the cloud. It's beneficial as the data will be backed-up in the cloud. In case of any device loss, data can be accessed through the cloud backup. With the completion of sync, a reflection of changes will occur in the web and mobile apps as well.

All your accounting needs are covered

In case of any modifications during money transactions, the app is pretty flexible. Only a swipe or tap allows owners and tenants to include receipts for several bills, payments, invoices, and tenants' rent. Users can access information on a click with sync abilities. If any are changes, updates, costs, and other notifications, they will receive an alert.

Files uploaded in various formats

Users are free to upload the document in their choice of format like PDF, Microsoft word, etc. This allows free access to the property documents, lease terms, requirements, laws of the house, and events data. Taking and presenting the request for work is simple. They have the facility to send a request for maintenance from their mobiles. One can put pictures to let the other know about a damaged property work for the owner to notice.

Best Rated Mobile Apps for the value of your money

Learn about the following mobile apps to find the best condo management:

  • Buildium

This application is like Propertyware as the two are auxiliaries of RealPage. Buildium upholds different property types — network partnerships, private, spending lodging, and understudy lodging. It is predominantly made for property directors and the board organizations.

It has all the highlights that one would need for property management. It covers all from renting to accounting and business activities. Buildium rates are trustworthy in the number of units one accomplishes. The cost of the unit will be lower if the quantity of units is high.

Enter the number of properties you have taken care of to know the expense. You will see the continuous change in the cost. At the point when you pursue yearly charging, you spare a superb % of the sum. Individuals can include units in enormous numbers as the software has an essential arrangement for up to 150 units.

It's the most appropriate decision for property executive firms. They additionally have a 15-day free preliminary.

  • AppFolio

AppFolio is intended for proprietors and property supervisors. This app underpins private properties, mechanical structures, understudy lodging, and (HOA) people group affiliations. AppFolio covers everything from promoting to renting, bookkeeping, announcing, and upkeep. Amazing highlights are offered for every property type.

Singular family and joint family, the board, have essential highlights like online lease expenses and web-based renting. Understudy lodging grants you to circulate rents and occupant records. HOAs properties have highlights for board executives and electronic payments in installation.

You can glance at the summary of the rates for AppFolio Property Manager by downloading the app. The rates are very affordable as the monthly fee starts from $250. The monthly rate is the only thing that stops it from being overall supported. In any case, for proprietors and bequest supervisors with few properties and units, they are not worth the expense.

  • Propertyware

Propertyware is another one-stop answer for property executives. Whoever is searching for an approach to deal with rental units, this application is a fantastic decision for property managers and proprietors.

Whoever is searching for an approach to deal with rental units, this application is a superb decision for property directors and proprietors. Propertyware is the best for singular families and AppFolio for joint family types. It is pocket-accommodating for looking at a few individual family properties.

Property administrators procured from 400 to 2,500 units in under three years of changing to Propertyware. Propertyware consolidates highlights like:

  • Several payment options are available
  • Tools of accounting
  • Tools of maintenance
  • Listing of opening and marketing
  • Screening of tenants
  • Tenants and owners have online portals

You can incorporate highlights like upkeep contact focus, renting contact focus, and master web composition. On the off chance that you are dealing with a few units, this application merits the cost. It's best for singular family properties.


Any app is only best if it suits your needs and requires you to set your priorities to know which will be the best fit for your needs. However, there are several other apps like Avail, Tenant cloud, TurboTenant, and Syncbnb. Most of them are affordable, and owners can efficiently operate them.

Mobile apps like AppFolio or Buildium will be the best fit for Property administrators that require a few property types. If you prefer not to enlist a property director, Tenant Cloud and Turbo Tenant will be the best fit for you. Syncbnb is another application proposed for get-away rental administration.

These apps are the new way to operate property or real estate business. Vital jobs are automated to leasing functions, tenant administration, facility administration, and accounting. These apps streamline interaction between owners and tenants with such software.

Either an owner or a tenant, property management software gives you many options to consider from several locations. It may be slightly tricky and time taking to compare and understand the one best for you.

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