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Mountain Lion

Apple announced the release of Mountain Lion today at the WWDC. It will be shipped in July for $19.99 and has loads of features promising to make it the best operating system by far!
Here are just some of the major features being introduced in the new OS X release  

  • iCloud integration - So iCloud finally comes to the desktop. iCloud will be integrated across devices and across in-built apps - iMessage, Reminders, Notes, Documents (iWork, Preview). That takes us to the next feature

  • iMessage, Reminders, Notes - Apple is introducing iMessage, Notes and Reminders apps to the Mac. This allows you to continue messaging with your friends including sending photos, videos and text from right within the app, set reminders and take notes
  • Notification Center - The notification center introduced in iOS 5 is now in Mountain Lion. You can receive notifications for twitter mentions, new emails, reminders due, iMessage messages. You can turn off on or off notifications and can view the notification panel by a simple swipe gesture
  • Location-based reminders - More on reminders. Mountain Lion will allow you to set location-based reminders. This lets you set reminders to be triggered based on a geo-fence, on your mac!
  • Power nap - A much needed feature, this keeps your mac up-to-date while it sleeps. It automatically syncs reminders, emails, events, backs up to time capsule and downloads software updates, all when your mac is on sleep mode!
  • Dictation - Apple will integrate dictation in all its apps. So all you need to do is speak and the app will write it down for you, thats a cool feature!
  • Enhancements to Safari - Apple has introduced many new features to Safari making it one of the most-preferred browsers. First, the unified search bar (at last!!). Then there's iCloud integration right within Safari which allows you to save the tabs you were browsing on any of your devices and load them on Safari on your Mac! And last is sharing (see below)
  • Sharing - Apple has made it very easy to share stuff on Mountain Lion. Its integrated into most apps which will come in - Safari, Preview, iWork. This allows you to share stuff right from the app via twitter, email, facebook or any other options that you integrate for sharing
  • Airplay Mirroring - You can pair your mac with any Apple TV and project your desktop to the device. This can have many applications in the Enterprise and Personal app spaces
  • Game Center on Mac - Game Center is on Mac and so are turn-based and head-to-head gaming - integrated across iOS devices and now Macs!

We are definitely looking forward to Mountain Lion and the unlimited possibilities it brings with the updated developer SDK! 
Keep your apps updated for using the features Mountain Lion offers. Contact us today!

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